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Empathic Amanda
Empathic Amanda
These are crazy times...Truth & Guidance in Love!
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It's important to understand that everyone's point of power is always in the Now...The future taking shape around you is not pre-written...That's why life often feels so confusing. I can give you the clarity you seek
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Destiny/Life Path
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Dream Exploration
I'm really happy that you decided to investigate me further to see if I'm the right match for assisting you.
****PLEASE understand that my current lack of a rating is not an accurate representation of my psychic abilities or history of helping many men and women...just like you...who have turned to me on KEEN for answers and support.

My fairly consistent absence has come at a natural, but unfortunate, cost. My previous ratings and feedback from 2005 to 2019 are no longer included nor are you able to read the many positive and encouraging reviews that reflect what I truly have to offer as your psychic reader.

I've been away for the last couple of years persuing my dream of being a professional Healthcare Clown and Red Nose Doc...Dr. Mixie Match is the name...like Patch Adam's but without the medical degree 😂 Ive had the pleasure to entertain and help at my local Children's Hospital. It has been AMAZING!!! So much fun and healing happens in that work, but like so many other people at this time, Co-Vid19 has changed my course and that work has been put on hold.

The good news is that I'm lucky enough to have a second passion... tuning into Source and Spirit, along with my cards, to help people who need honest answers and experienced wisdom for guidance....or just a listening ear and a little understanding.

Im very excited to be back on KEEN helping folks with their questions and life experiences.

Let's see what Your Angel's, My Guides and The Tarot Cards (Osho Zen Tarot Deck plus other decks and oracles) have to say about your situation.

I’ve been extremely intuitive and sensitive since I was a kid. Growing up I was often that friend or relative that people would confide in when they felt out-of-sorts or didnt want to be judged...but they really needed to be understood.

In 2001 I had my first undeniable psychic/clairvoyant experience surrounding the events of 9/11. This changed my life and eventually inspired me to study metaphysics. I became an intuitive reader on Keen in 2005.

I have a modern, creative and fun shamanic approach to psychic healing work and I am open to all religious beliefs. I understand Shadow and I study Law of Attraction. I don't consider myself a traditional Christian but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ/unconditional Love and Light!

*****Any person demanding a desired prediction or an expected outcome in a reading will be politely shutdown and reminded that fortune tellers are in movies and at parties and are for entertainment purposes. I will not be bullied into being your fortune teller or tell you lies. My ethics won’t allow for it and that’s a good thing not a bad thing.

I'm an empathic and skilled Tarot Reader, Creative Shaman and Emotional Life Coach here to help you.

I cannot enable psychic addiction so if I sense a dependency on readings or you feel that you do or might be in the early stages we can discuss. I may have some understandings to share that will help,
I WILL help you get more control over your life.

I am prone to dream premonitions and wakeful knowings. I am 43 years old and have experienced a lot of first-hand livin’ on this planet. My relationship with my cards and my ability to use them to find answers has helped thousands of people just like you.
Approach to Topics
I use my empathy, spiritual guides and tarot cards to give you first impressions and answers to your questions. Once I am connected to your situation my reading style tends to be conversational and straight forward. I ask direct questions and provide direct answers. ***My readings can accurately and realistically clarify the next 3 months for you. YOU influence all events in your life...thank God! You and everyone else has the power of free will. My readings will empower and remind you of your power and give you clarity on the true nature of your situation*****
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