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What are their thoughts, feelings, intentions? What are the psychological dynamics going on.
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Note: Please read the full listing for what I specialize in and what to expect before calling or leaving a rating. I may not read in the same way as other psychics or have the same belief systems.

I have worked as a professional relationship reader, empath, and energy worker for 10+ years. I am the author of two books, one oracle deck, and various divination decks to use for healing purposes. I've written numerous articles for various online magazine on love and relationships and other topics as well as being a guest/host on various radio shows.
Approach to Topics
I am an empathic love reader who specializes in the emotional psycho-dynamics within a relationship. My specialty is digging into people's thoughts and intentions, seeing what is beneath the surface. No calls for fortune-telling, times, dates, or places please. While I can see the likely direction a goal or relationship is proceeding toward (and whether it is worth it to hang in, or other information you need to know), my guides don't always cooperate with giving dates, times, or places unless it serves a person's best interest to know.

The types of questions I specialize in answering include:
* Are they thinking about you?
* What are their intentions, hopes, fears?
* Will their be a reconnection and if so, will it be a lasting one?
* Are they worth waiting for?
* Are you being played, strung along or with a commitment-phobe who will never commit?
* Are the feelings you think you are picking up from your love interest really what they feel, interpreted in the right light, etc?
* Are the intense feelings you feel indicators of a twin flame or soulmate connection who "runs" or just indicators the person you are interested in has intense energy or gets a "high" off stirring up intense feelings in the women they involve themselves with?

My guides may not always respond to every question, especially if it is not in a persons best interest or is unhealthy to focus in a certain direction or to seek answers for certain questions. In such cases I will often receive what I call "over-rides," which is information that detracts to what my guides feel is most important to know. If seeking readings where third parties could be in the dark or hurt, fraud, or the focus is on revenge, please seek another advisor. My guides don't always cooperate with these types of readings. Keep your questions and intentions working for the light!

Some people really like my style of reading and others don't. So, to save people from feeling they wasted their money, I feel its better to be upfront.
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