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Details about feelings, intentions, soul contracts.Twin Souls, karmic partners, soulmates. RETURNING AUGUST 3RD.
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Medicinewoman53 ***** Utterly fabulous. She is accurate and also very sophisticated in her understanding of people. Fast communicator, remembers you. The Best!
Fiori87 ***** Thank you again!!! This is a REAL PSYCHIC!!! I came back to you because you are helping me deal with a current issue (my ex B)She is a new advisor for me and I will be sticking to her from now on. She predicted time frames and offered solutions. To the comment below, seems like they are coming off as mean spirited. The sweetest and kindest with REAL TALENT. You won’t be disappointed trust me :))))))
Member13497884 ***** She is absolutely fabulous. Tells it like it is good and bad but in a caring manner. I have a much better understanding of my situation now. I called wanting to hear a yes to my question which I did but now I don't know if working on relationship will actually be the best for me. She has given me all the positives and negatives regarding situation which is what anyone coming here truly needs. I will be calling back. . Give her a call you ! You will be thankful.
Healing Herald ***** Tell it like it is. Accurate and resourceful. Appreciate you so much!
Victory1111 ***** First time caller and had a phenomenal experience! This advisor is extremely accurate at digging deeply and knowing specifically what is going on without any info given. Everything addressed was accurate, detailed and left me in awe. It’s amazing to listen to someone break down your entire situation and the exact personalities of others as if they knew you and them. A must call! Will definitely be calling again! Thank you and much love always! :)
RmhMfr ***** She sees to heart of matter; directly to what he/she is thinking. She goes above and beyond to help her clients with advice to manifest the best solution. One of my mainstays. Glad I found her!
colkay171 ***** WOW! We chat every so often and the response is immediate and she knows exactly where I am at, what I need help with and what is going on! I feel like we are great friends and look forward to the next visit. On the ball and accurate! Thank you.

Approach to Topics
Is your relationship in jeopardy because your person of interest isn't interested in taking your relationship to the next level or committing to you?

Have you tried to solve this "problem" by having heart-to-heart talks with him/her, or telling him/her how much you WANT or DESERVE to know where things are going and still no results?

Have you ever wondered why an ex was commitment-phobic with you but married someone else in less than a year after your relationship ended?

The answers can set you free. If something in your life is not to your liking, or someone behaves in ways that bring upset to you, that is on them. But because it is part of your experience, unknowingly you aligned to that.

“When is he/she coming back?” is the worst question someone can ask in a psychic reading. It's throwing money out the window.

I would want for you to ask the questions that can change your situation, like “What can I do to get them to express their true feelings? Or commit? Or what can I do to improve or change a situation? What is the root cause of some patterns I've dealt for years with?

The answers are already within you. My talent is to READ ENERGY about the past, present, and future. I receive insights instantly.

I can accurately communicate to you the intention of others and their feelings, the karma you have, what past lives are influencing your relationship now needing ONLY a name, a date of birth and a specific question from you.

“What is going on” and “Why” will be answered with full sentences not mere words or symbols you have to interpret further regarding your given situation. I DO NOT PREDICT TIMING. IF YOUR FIRST AND ONLY QUESTION IS " WHEN WILL," I AM NOT THE ADVISOR FOR YOU.

Timing has never been predicted accurately, it’s something we are not meant to know and conditioned by so many things. Therefore, I tell you upfront I cannot do it 100% accurately every single time.
Because I know this is something you want to know, I surely ask spirit about the timing, but these are to be treated as estimations.
How do I work?
I do not need to meditate before I start your reading. I prepare for it, while we get connected. During that time, I ground myself and pray to receive the truth that you need to know.
I deliver all messages given by soul: good and ugly (meaning the truth about you or him you might not want to hear) in a very straightforward manner, yet I am very polite and compassionate. I do

My desire is to assist you on your path by revealing the Truth along with the wisdom needed to realize your dreams. Your Soul knows the path ahead, your soul guides the reading.

That which is hidden or not understood might not pose a problem today but will show its negative consequences in the future. This is why the readings will bring the negatives to your conscious awareness.


This is where psychic healers are coming in. Psychic readings alone are to satisfy curiosity; to know answers, but that is not enough to manifest your desires. On the other hand, divine interventions are to remove the reasons. Ask how to do this

I am a psychic healer, twin flame and esoteric writer, and if you genuinely want to help your situation, you will find my expertise valuable.
So do yourself a favor and ask meaningful questions and spend your money wisely to KNOW THE TRUTH THAT MATTERS.
What good is knowing when someone will call if you don’t know what makes them leave you and what could make them stay with you?


Endorsed Strengths
  • Detailed · 31
  • Honest · 31
  • Helpful · 30
  • Accurate · 29
  • Kind · 28
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