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Garrett Windsor
Garrett Windsor
Helping you find love and your highest self.
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Hi! My name is Garrett and I am a highly sensitive intuitive empath. My spiritual connection enables me to help others sift and sort through their lives. Finding love and true happiness.
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LGBTQ Issues
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Skills & Methods
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I noticed at a younger age that I could feel things....emotional things. I just didn't know who or what I was feeling. I was very shy but was still open and aware enough to observe what was going on around me. It wasn't until I was older that I realized, I was feeling the emotions of other people and the energies around me.

Most men, aren't empaths. This is due to most cultures and their focus on masculinity. But thankfully due to my sexual orientation and my mothers warm upbringing, it helped me connect to my gifts. Being a gay men and an empath allows me to also help so many in our LGBTQ community who have been through some difficult life experiences.

Over the years I've learned why I would cry while watching American Idol. I would watch and hear the pain some contestants had experienced in past years leading up to this point. I could feel every struggle and tribulation. And not just their pain, but also the joy created by this new beginning on American Idol. I've shared many tears with them over the years of the show. I have a deep compassion for others that has no bounds.

These deep connections are what have enabled me to help so many close individuals in my life. This is why I've chosen to take these gifts to here. So I can help all of you!

Lastly, I have had some of the top "leading edge" spiritual mentors over the years. Mentors like Abraham Hicks. Their teachings help me help you create clarity in your life. To find love, peace, and joy. Joy IS and always will be the key!
Approach to Topics
I will be using my highly intuitive and empathic gifts to help guide you to all that you desire. I will also be using meditation techniques, “Love & Relationship” affirmations, and the teachings of Abraham & The Law of Attraction.

With each client, I will need a moment or so to apply high vibrational oils and allow the pathways to open for me to receive. I will be doing this with you, my client, on the phone. Please allow this time for each call. This will allow source to guide me intuitively while connected with you. I do not do general reads and do not have the gift of claircognizance, so I will need ask you your name and some more direct questions when we get started. This is so I can get to know a bit more about you. Everything is always confidential within our calls and I pride myself on the highest level of discretion. After I get to know a bit more about you, we will start working through some blockages and start creating clarity, love, and joy in your life!!!
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