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I have utilized Tarot cards,Automatic Handwriting and the Pendulum for thirty years in readings. Those I read for have always been astounded at the accuracy of what is discovered! Let's discover the truth together!
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Having inherited my gifts as a young child, I have been able to see and sense things throughout the years and have also experienced predictive dreams. I have done readings for decades and helped many people prepare for what is to come as well as guide them on the best path to take for their success and happiness. I love to help people and consider this profession my calling.
Approach to Topics
Using my special gifts and the Tarot I am able to look into your concerns with compassion and honesty and provide insight and guidance. I truly do care about your happiness and as an Empath can feel what you and others around you are feeling. I am nonjudgmental and professional. It is best to be specific about your concerns in order to get the answers you need. I will only tell you what I see and not give you false hope.

Do you need insight, peace of mind and some guidance? I offer the following readings:

Tarot, Automatic Handwriting and Pendulum.

Timing can be affected by many variables including outside influences, the energies of the person/persons in question and their intentions at the time of the reading. Please keep in mind it is not etched in stone.

Call now for a reading filled with compassion, respect, truth and concern. I can't wait to hear from you! If I am not available, just email or Ping me to arrange a reading. I will make every effort to get back with you quickly.
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