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I am a natural third generation empath. I learned to read divination cards at a young age. I find the cards to be a stunningly accurate tool to tap into my gifts. My approach is nonjudgmental and compassionate, and although I am kind I am extremely honest and I do not sugarcoat my answers. Please call only if you are looking for the truth as I see it. My specialty are questions related to love and matters of the heart. I only offer time frames as an estimate and IF I receive the answer clearly. I do not offer general readings. Specific questions only please. *VERY IMPORTANT: I ask that clients please sit with my initial reading before calling me again to revisit a situation. If I give you an answer in our first reading, that is the answer you should go with. I DO NOT wish to read the same situation over and over when there has been no movement. If I give you a reading, please wait until there has been some movement in your situation before calling me again. Thank you.
Approach to Topics
Readings are like conversations. And like conversations, the best intuitive readings happen when energy is allowed to flow freely between both parties. While I understand a querent's impulse to remain opaque as a way to gauge whether an intuitive has true ability, this approach cuts off the flow of energy. The more open you are the better my reading will be, and the more details you will receive.

I provide as many details on a person's thoughts and feelings as I can, and because people are complex and human emotions are not always logical, these details won't always fit with your perception of how you think things "are" or "should be." If I tell you something about your person of interest that doesn't fit your immediate perception of the situation, I ask that you sit with my answer before assuming that it doesn't make sense.
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