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Insight from Dancing Petals
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I can help you understand the breakdown in your relationship, whether it is romantic, platonic, or familial.. I can help you understand people and situations and provide you the clarity you seek.
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I have a Master's Degree. I have spent years studying interpersonal relationships and conflict. Although relatively new to Keen, I am not new to the realm of psychic counseling and spiritual advice. Over the years, I have helped many others to improve their lives. I am now here to help you. We all hurt sometimes and just need someone to help us, guide us, and support us. I can provide clarity, insight, and understanding.

This advisor connected immediately to my situation. Her insights were very accurate and in tune with my person of interest. I will definitely call again with updates. Thank you! - Carrera996

Awesome as always. Stayed on with me while I texted with a POI and helped me stay in my feminine energy. I was skeptical at first but have to admit her tactics worked to keep him engaged and he would text back right away lol. It was the complete opposite of what I would normally do or say! - Siec

She was very nice and picked up on my situation immediately without me even saying anything. She didn’t waste time on explaining my situation. She was very accurate and precise on everything I will definitely keep her as my spiritual advisor. - User910644

As always she was 1000% on point without me giving any information. She also remembered our last call. If you want honesty, call Dancing Petals. You'll be glad you did. - Manyara24

l was really amazed by this reading. I only gave her names & l asked her one question then she gave me such a detailed reading about what had happened and what is currently happening. I was really shocked by her accuracy. She even told me how l felt and that is something l have been hiding from people around me for a while. She was really fast. She told me things that l only could have known. She connected with me really well. Thank you again for the beautiful reading! - Member679856

I felt like she really connected to me. I gave no information other than my name and the question I had. She tuned into the situation, she answered questions I had but didn’t directly ask. She also gave confirmations which I really appreciated. I could tell she was connected because it was like she had already started seeking answers for my following questions before I asked. She didn’t take minutes on minutes to read before she responded but like I said previously she was connected. I would recommend her and I will definitely be referring back to her in the future. - User481876

I have a family situation, a conflict with some relatives and she was able to give me feedback really fast. She was considerate and didn't sugar coat what I needed to do. - Member093585

Amazing!!!!!! My time ran out but she knows her stuff. Advice and a reading was just what I needed. - User268881

Very encouraging. Love talking to her and seeing a different perspective and I love her quick responses - User307287!

Thank you so much. You are awesome!! Would recommend to anyone. Asked my question and she gave me straight up answers and gave me some good advice to try and make things better. Thank you again. - Anita1971

Approach to Topics
Using my special gifts, I will draw on your energy and those around you and and help you understand the situation you are going through. I understand the balance between masculine and feminine energy and I can help you understand what is at the heart of the disconnect in your relationship. I will help you find the understanding you seek. . . I will be a sympathetic ear and treat your struggles as if they were my own.

Staying positive and motivated in your relationships, personal life, work and attitude can be tough. Perhaps others around you are negative, or you yourself get stuck in a downward spiral of pessimistic thinking. When that happens, you need a spark of optimism and positive thoughts in your life. Let me be that spark for you.

If you enjoyed our call/chat, please leave a positive review and I will send you minutes so we may talk again.

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