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Intuitive Heart Connection
Intuitive Heart Connection
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I have over three decades of dedicated experience with all matters of the heart. I am direct, genuine, compassionate, and will not dilute the truth. * I am available for Calls. Send request, and I will be with you shortly.
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LGBTQ Issues
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Otherworld Connections
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Remote Viewing
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I was born with the awareness to see beyond the physical realm and into the realm of limitless possibilities and opportunities by utilizing a variety of non-physical senses. I have been blessed with all Clairs. This just means that I am able to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and I just know things that could only come from another Source. I have been aware of my direct connection with Source/Spirit since the age of six. Let's just say that my "imaginary friends" were way more than just imaginary.

I have been sought out for my "alternative" practices. I am grateful for "word of mouth" advertising as I have been trusted by other psychics like myself, during those times when we are just to emotionally attached to the situation to bring through clear information.

I have been offering positive, growth inspiring Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Multi-Faceted Interdimensional Healing Energetic Upgrades for most of my life.

I am highly "in tune" and connected to the Language of Love.
-Dating or lack there of
-Twinflame Dynamics
-Soulmate Connections
-Conscious Coupling
-Self-love Development
I look forward to returning you to the Language of LOVE.
Approach to Topics
I utilize a variety of tools, modalities, and dimensions during our time together. I primarily provide spiritual guidance based on my intuitive psychic awareness and messages received from not only my entourage, but from your entourage as well. Our entourage consists of a variety of beings including, though not limited to our angels, guides, spirit animals, deities, benevolent beings, ascended masters, and our loved ones who have passed on.
I am the bridge, that hand reaching out to take you beyond the physical realm and into the realm of limitless possibilities and opportunities. Feel free to ask anything. There is not a question that is taboo. Trust me I have heard it all, I have even channeled a client's alien twinflame.
So please don't hesitate to ask any questions about your sexuality. Just consider me your love language psychic that has answers about sex and making your sex life better. I have been around the block so I've probably already helped another in a similar situation.
Not only am I very direct and "sugar coat" nothing kind of psychic, I am also very compassionate, non-judgmental, and love with no conditions.

* REMEMBER to write down any questions you may have before our time together! Very valuable information comes through intensely and very  rapidly that can cause you to forget your original inquiry.
* When you have a question about what is coming through, ask it immediately so you do not forget. Remember this is your time.

"Let's tune in and receive the answer to your most intimate questions about the language of LOVE.
I look forward to connecting with you!"
♡ Mary
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