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Try Me. Experienced + Integrity. Naturally Born/Gifted 20+ yrs Psychic. My Readings are Not for the Faint of Heart. "Jaw dropping insight was given throughout the entire reading. I really didn't want to end the call"
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I'm a Natural Psychic. No TOOLS. More REVIEWS: https://www.keen.com/spiritual-readings/intuitive-revelation/12453714 . I WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
Here is a little of me: Unsuspecting and gentle in tone but powerful in revelation and Spirit. My Readings are FAST, Instantaneous, Lengthy, Professional. Since the tender age of 8 years old: Angels and my Spirit Guides have appeared to me and spoken to me throughout my life. This gifting was not by choice but something that was a gift and used to help others. For years, I had tried to "fit in" or --deny my gifting. However, the Angels, Spirit Guides, Visions, Dreams, and Revelations would come to me strongly: as it was revealed to me it must be a service to others. As I understand that this is payment-based: I will not waste your time or money unnecessarily. I don't believe in scamming others for money. And it is only the inquirers who are sincere about their need for counsel that I can give a very deep and thorough reading. I am simply channeling and using this God-given Gift to help- and use as a tool to help guide others and be aware of the higher dimension constantly trying to communicate with us. I am Spirit-led and have a close relationship with a Higher Power. My reading style is both empathetic and strong. Strong in the sense that is usually "instantaneous". I require NO TOOLS. However, I have used the following: Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, and Tarot Cards-- however these are my 2nd options if you request it. I mainly administer them for confirmation. However, the answers/insight/background information is usually made known to me via clairaudience, clairvoyance, visions, channeling, and clairsentience. I am also able to read through "touch" -- and able to transport myself into the situation.I would finally like to embrace my gifting and truly use it to help others.

Let's talk.
Approach to Topics
I take your Inquiry Seriously. Come with Me to the Deeper Realms. My Readings are Not for the Faint of Heart. They are meant to transform you. Set you free. And not lie to you. My approach is simple: I am able and helped by my Spirit Guides and Angels to help those in need. I am INSTANTANEOUS and Quick. I load you with as much Information as humanly possible so you get your money worth. I believe in empowering you to know. So you Don't have a sleepless night. . I will NOT take advantage of your time, money, or situation. And I WILL be honest if I am not forming a connection and end the call promptly so you do not have an issue with wasting money or time. If you are not satisfied with the call. I would be more than happy to send you free minutes.

I Do NOT Do:
- General Readings. Highly Specific. Tuning in to your personal energy and story is what brings the Best, Genuine, Reading.
-Spells or Black Magic. I am Naturally Gifted. I do not manipulate or make anyone do anything.
- Health Issues. All those inquiring should seek a Doctor. I am not in the medical field and that should be with a Physician. This means
Cancer Tumors
- Lost Items / Pets. Unfortunately my gifting doesn't work that way.

BEFORE Purchasing:
- I Talk Fast, Clear, Concise, In Detail, and Very Descriptively.
- I Load you with as Much Information as Possible. So be prepared with a session of at Least 10 Mins.
- People Trying to "Test" a Psychic's Abilities will be Shown out. I do Not Work with People who Have No Intention of Being Helped by My Angels and Gifting. Do Not Tamper with this.
- I am not Money Hungry Person. I am More than Happy to Refund if the Connection is not True. People who use Psychics Abusively will unfortunately be Blocked (which I rarely do).
- Do Not Purchase if you are currently in High Emotional Distress or Disarray: It is extremely difficult for Psychics to clarify and see into the energy field and spirit when your mind, heart, and emotions are all over the place and in turn not able to receive information or get through to you clearly.
- I Give FREE Minutes - Generously. But not if it will be abused each week. Sorry.
- DO NOT USE Psychics like a Slot Machine! We are not puppets or magicians -What we do is Serious. And I take my gifting and responsibility Seriously.

- Please Allow at Least 10-15 Minutes to be able to fully talk and converse.
- Prepare yourself to be in a Calm and Open State to Receive. No Critical energy or Suspicious Energy. It will not help the reading. My prices are low enough and my Policy is Transparent Enough where I am Not A Scam and dont care to do that to You.
More Importantly** : Your Guides and my Guides respect themselves enough and so do I to Know that if you come into it looking to not Understand or Receive - They will not Say Much.

-Repeat Clients will receive Free Minutes each Week.
-Building Relationships: I want to build a trustworthy relationship with those I speak with. Those repeat clients will know me well enough where I will never take advantage of your money or time. I understand that many are struggling financially.
-Email Readings: After a call/completes and you will wanted the tail end of the answer to your question or concern: I will be more than happy to respond for that answer. Anymore Readings past that via email would be a Base Price of $20. With this Price: Unlimited Questions and Long, Descriptive, and Detailed Answers that will be pages for you to go over. Allow at least 1 day for me to read and complete this email answer for you.

Naturally Gifted in the Following:
Remote Viewing
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