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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
My Specialty is Reuniting Soulmates
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**SOULMATE** TWIN** LIFE PARTNER** Find out the difference and who you're dealing with. Call for a truthful, highly accurate reading, loaded with detail. Stop waiting , wasting your time, find out everything
My background in spiritual work starts with Western Astrology, I offer Life Readings & Compatibility Readings which focus on how a couple will navigate the twists and turns of life together. I am a Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Energy Worker and have been reading cards for 32 years and am proficient in Rider Waite, World, Lovers Tarot and the Celtic Decks if you prefer a more esoteric type of reading. Astrology was created by the Divine as an organizational tool to move spirit around in a systematic fashion. All life has a rhythm, a time and a meaning on this plane. You can create your life how you want it, you can attract the people who care for you and are in keeping with your highest good.

Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Destiny/Life Path Infidelity Money/Prosperity
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairvoyant Astrology - Western Tarot Astrology – Vedic
Approach to Topics
My approach is honesty, it is a waste of time living in denial, I will not sugarcoat to get 5 STARS by my listing, it is highly karmic to mislead people, and this energy will always return 3 times to the sender, therefore I won't do this in a reading. I owe it to the client. All sessions are authentic and reveal your actual present and future energies. If you are in need of rainbows and sunshine, I am not the reader for you, this only delays you on your walk with your mate. You will recieve guidance on what is needed to get your commitment on track and what your partner needs in the union. During a reading I will uncover your partner's true thoughts, feelings and intentions with you and any other factors or people keeping you apart from who your love and why. My approach is direct in explaining the motives and actions of others involved in your situation. All things you could have never imagined about your situation, you will know your stage of Karma. If you are dealing with a life-twin, a soulmate, a catalyst soulmate or a karmic soulmate, this will be exposed in a reading. My goal is to bring you up to speed on all matters, get you out of denial and on your path to self love and consequently meeting your life mate. This is a time of purge in 2019 with Jupiter in Sagittarius, God help anyone who tries to conceal the truth under this transit, cause it's coming out, this you can count on.
The collective is leveling up and purging old belief systems and indoctrinations which are an imbalance between the divine masculine and divine feminine. This is the time for living in balance and authentically. This is the goal of a session., we will reframe things, sort our what's causing distrust, anxiety or depression in your life. I read the three majors in tarot, the classic Rider Waite, the Lenormand and the Sabillas, and several versions of them as well as several Oracles to capture what spirit is trying to teach you and your partner. People do not control things, Spirit does. A reading is a snapshot of what your lessons are and where you can choose to go.
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