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Jody - Psychic Medium
Jody - Psychic Medium
Jody - Psychic Medium
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I simply share with you what I get from God, my spirit guides and my connection to the Universe. I hear, feel and know the messages that God and the Universe want you know.
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I have had experiences my entire life and have always known things before they happen and felt things that other people feel. My earliest memories started around the age of 5 or 6 when I had a dream of being injured and it happened the next day. Since then it has gotten stronger and stronger but it wasn't something I truly embraced. I would give an occasional reading and had some very strong spiritual experiences that included seeing dead people, feeling and knowing things and even being touched by spirits and hearing them talk to me. But still I didn't act on it. I knew it was there but I didn't realize what a true gift it was. Then last year when I became divorced I felt that my life was going to change. My intuition told me that something spiritual was going to happen and that I was going to "open up" but my brain didn't really get it until a short while ago when I had a vision and met my spirit guide. Since then my experiences have been accurate...dead on. Sometimes I even freak myself out with some of the things that I get. Now I am doing readings and helping others to hear God’s voice. This is something that while I know it is a gift to me...I truly experience it as a gift for the reader. The gift for me is in sharing information from God and Spirit to help the person I am reading for.
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Hello, My name is Jody. I have had experiences, dreamed of things to happen and known/felt things my entire life. I use my gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit and I am able to get information for you regarding your job, career, finances, travel and love life - any situation that you may want to know about. There are several ways that I get information: I hear/know information. I see images. I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get. I do not use or need tarot cards, a pendulum, crystals or crystal ball, runes or any other divining device to read for you although I can and do use them occasionally. I simply get the information from God and my spirit guides. When I read for someone they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for. If I don't give the information that you are supposed to get my guides will nudge me until I give it. I will always ask you if you really want to know the truth about any situation and I will not hide anything or not be honest. I don't feel it's fair to be dishonest or hide the truth if you honestly want to know something and I have been given the information (there are times when I won't always be given the answer - especially if it's something that you aren't supposed to know). But I will always tell you the truth.
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