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I've guided numerous clients through the ups and downs of relationships!
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Skills & Methods
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I've been a Psychic Reader for as long as I can remember. It took me awhile to finally label it as that!

Often times I am asked, “How do you do it?” The best way to describe it is that when I’m doing a reading, it feels like sentences are falling into my head along with images and feelings… they swirl together to create a message that simply doesn’t come from me, but rather through me…specifically for you to hear.

I read your energy and the energy of the situation, and then I am told what you need to HEAR. What you need to hear, may or may not answer the specific question you are asking. What you need to hear may not be what you WANT to hear.

I will give the message that comes across for you. As you talk to me about your life and situation, thoughts, ideas and information will often flow into my head.

I will get certain vibes or energies surrounding the object and people we discuss, and words will start to flow through me.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had very strong empathic and intuitive abilities as well as the ability to channel. I have the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

My greatest ability, however, comes in being able to clear your energy field/ aura by way of a session, I can help to unclutter your aura and clear the fog, resulting in your ability to connect to your higher self and its guidance – help to enable better decision making leading to greater personal development and hopefully ultimately happiness.
Approach to Topics
I offer you a balance of kindness, caring and honesty. You can come to me, not only for a "Psychic Question" on your life situations, but for the feelings or confusions that arise in between those readings.

Often times we get a reading and feel good, but then are confused again the very next week. That feeling wears off, and we let our mind chatter take over our thoughts.

I am here to cleanse and help you realign and find that "center" again, so you can keep making those changes, understanding yourself, the situation and moving forward in the best way possible, for your highest good!

I am here because I care very much about you, and helping you understand and sort through your confusion.

See what customers have said about me:

1)Absolutely nails it! EVERYTIME. Love Pauleen and her taken that she's able to share to help other people. She's the true gift."

2)"Pauleen's insight has always been quick and extremely helpful; she's always spot-on and I'm always grateful for the reassurance her readings bring!"

3) "Once again a quick way to connect with Pauleen on a matter of urgency. She always delivers! Her insight is spot on because the cards reveal what you will hear, whether you are ready or not!!"

What to expect during a Psychic session:

Hollywood depictions of psychics are often over exaggerated. They show psychics as literal mind readers who instantly know everything about you and your life just by looking at you.
That would be awesome if it worked like that- but unfortunately it doesn’t!
My psychic sessions are a bit more intricate than that. So, if you come into my reading with these expectations, you will likely be disappointed. (And we don’t want that!) So let’s read on to how to make the most of your session!

1) Psychic sessions help bring what is hidden, into plain site. I will bypass your “Everyday” thoughts and dig into your “hidden’ brain thoughts so we can find out what’s REALLY up!

2) Think of a Psychic reader as a Meteorologist (weather person). They read the potential of things to come, and the likelihood of things to happen, but, like the weather, things can change because everyone has free will.

3) You may not find all the answers you are looking for right away.
When we first talk, I will receive images, words and vibes about you and your life. I may not immediately understand all the images and how it connects to you specifically, so as a psychic, my first job is to connect to you and understand more about you so I can make sense between the images I see and how they relate to your life and your questions.

4)I WILL ask you personal questions.
Because I need to connect the images/vibes/words I get with your life specifically- I will be asking you personal questions. This is very important to understand. Some people expect psychics to be literal mind readers and think they don’t need to provide any background information in the session- and unfortunately, as great as that would be, it does not work that way.

5) Be Forthcoming. It is important that I know some (not all) details about your specific situation to get you the clearest reading possible. I receive information and t it is my job to make sense of the information I am receiving and convey that to you.

6) Ask Clarifying questions if you are confused.

7) We may not be the best match- You might not jive with me. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean that your question is bad or that I am giving a bad reading. Energy, vibrations and clicking with a certain reader is something you can’t really explain. Don’t be discouraged if you we don’t connect! Plenty of people to choose from.

Things to avoid:
1) Don’t ask test questions to “test the psychic.” This is a waste of your valuable time and money and it leads to frustration for both me and you. It’s my job to connect with you, not play guessing games.

2)Don’t be vague and mysterious. You don’t have to tell your whole life story, but it’s best to give some context.
Endorsed Strengths
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