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I am an Empath not a Psychic.. I can read feelings
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I am SELF AWARE.. The psychopath I am dating taught me how to have an Empathy switch I can see through feelings.. and emotions.. .. I can offer you a true answer.. No sugar coating The Truth isn't for everyone..
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Skills & Methods
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I was allways different... the outsider looking in... because of the this.. I focused heavily on people.. what they do.. and why.. and iv enjoyed having many many many relationships... Currently I am dating a female psychopath.. so I bring much experience....

Also if your trying to get back with a person.. well its possible.. but self refection might be the only way.. and I can coach you in that....

but all of this takes time.. and a few calls to make any progress.. so understand that..
Approach to Topics
Please read my reviews to understand my approach.. its very different.. My wife used to do dream readings.. thats why it says since 2009.. this listing is new! I can use my cold Empathy.. and give you real answers....... not answers that will make you feel good.. but you may feel good.. knowing your truth.. THE TRUTH IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.. and alot of stuff is things you might already know.. or have been told.. but it will be my first time telling you.. IF you are looking for a quick answer then I am not for you!

From you I will need to know your story.. details.. the more complex the more details.. but don't worry ill ask you for what I need..

JUST relax and talk to me.. Ill be nice.. ALSO iv been talking with friends like this for many years.. but I am new to talking calls from people I do not know.. and talking about it..
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