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LightWorker Gail
LightWorker Gail
A Seer Sees & Feels Your Lovers Heart
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The day I was born, is a day known as the day of the mystic. I believe the intuitive mind is a sacred gift & I'm honored to use my gifts to help you see the possibilities .
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Intuitively gifted since childhood. When the door opens you step in. My super power is Empath this is how I can see and feel your lovers heart! I have worn many hats in this lifetime and others. There were many things I did not want to see, hear or feel as a child. My mother instilled fear in me not to talk about it. It was her way of protecting me. I am a certified professional Past Life Regression Specialist. Future Progressionist and Life between Lives. Soul Entrainment Practitioner. I've been doing readings for decades. Currently writing a book about the journey to help others with gifts. I have recently made some time slots available for you on this platform.
Approach to Topics
My superpower is an Empath, actually a 6th degree one. I am compassionate reader for situations however, my style is inspirational. My clients well being to know the choices they have so that they can choose. Kindly leave feedback after your reading. Keep in mind I am only the messenger nothing in life is 100% certain. We are given Free will to choose . There is never a dull moment for this dedicated reader who believes in the words of Einstein, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Gail is honored to use her gifts to help others see the possibilities that await. Sometimes we can't talk to family and friends and need someone outside of the situation to see clearly. I am just a phone call away....
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