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Louisa Q
Louisa Q
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Want to know what your partner is feeling? Want to better understand what's happening in your relationship? And do you want clarity and peace? Call me!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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I am an intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium, and empath. I first discovered this at the age of three when I saw people and things no one else did. Scary! So, like many children (and adults!) I pushed these abilities away, for years! As an adult, I discovered that intuition is the door that opens all possibility, and is the key to opening up psychic abilities, opportunity, and the road to peace. I then realized her life purpose is to help others make these discoveries in themselves!

How do these abilities work? Clairvoyance allows me to see pictures, images, and energy. Clairaudience allows her to hear Angels, spirit voices, and thoughts. As an energetic medium, I can help those who have lost loved ones to heal, and find peace. And as an empath, I take on the emotions of the client and anyone else the client is asking about, to provide clarity on emotions, and a pathway to healing them!

Since 2006, I has been providing intuitive guidance to those in need, and helping my clients recognize, honor, and follow their own intuitive hunches, heal from the past, change their thinking, and create the lives they want! From 2007 to 2014, Erica worked on one of the country’s top psychic assistance lines, providing over 20,000 consultations to hundreds of repeat clients!
Approach to Topics
As you and I talk, your Angels tell me exactly what you need to know to begin to honor your intuition. We go to the bottom line quickly and then fill in any details you need! As an empath, I am able to "become" you so that I can help you easily decipher and release any negative or scary feelings. The Angels show me pictures and symbols that you need to know to help you move forward, and we work with your current train of thought so that you can remove any limitations you may have! I tell you everything I pick up so that you know there is nothing to fear. And anything that is scary, we look at to see if you can avoid it, release it, or heal it. With your Angels, I help you to remember that all is well and see that you can create everything you want by honoring your intuition and working with the Law of Attraction!
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