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Love Advisor Katie
Love Advisor Katie
Life advisor extremely accurate w/quick responses!
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I am a 5th Generation Spiritual Advisor that is very Honest, No Matter Good or Bad come to a reading with me with a open mind. And don’t hesitate to get clarity & peace of mind contact me today for a better tomorrow!!!
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My journey as a spiritual advisor began at the small age of seven years old, my grandmother helped show me the way to only use my gift for one sole reason, to help anyone and everyone. I am a fifth generation spiritual advisor, and I have been using Angel cards now for over 17 years, not only do they give me a lot of clarity on situations, but also provide me with the abilities to be able to give you an accurate and enjoyable experience. The only thing i require from you is the name and date of birth, from your partner, friend, lover, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, as I read your cards i will be able to connect to your cosmic energies and auras that surround you, while tapping into situations that are unseen to you by doing this it helps me to understand your situation. With all the training I gained at a young age I became more drawn to the advice i was giving to my closest friends about their relationships, the sexual connection and energy between two individuals is absolutely fascinating and beautiful, the information you share with me is in a space where no judging you can take place, i take honesty as very important and the more you tell me about your experiences the better our connection will be, i hope when we connect there is a level of trust we build on, i would love to make this experience as exciting for you as it is for me, hoping to connect with you soon.
Approach to Topics
Anyone who joins me for a reading can expect not only honesty, but a true connection to their situation. I will be able to pick up on any and all feelings and emotions but also anyone else's true intentions and thoughts involved within the reading. I will provide you with everything that the cards reveal as well as, offer all of my time and energy into this reading. I only want to help you better your future and provide you with the correct things to do in order to gain a more enjoyable positive future and mind set.
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  • Accurate · 14
  • Detailed · 14
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