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Love Expert Sara
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Sara's secret systematic method of connection makes her the most efficient advisor online! Accuracy, details, descriptions and visions! Clairvoyant remote viewer! Energy and chakra healer! Let's make you happy today!
Sara is fortunate to have been on Keen since 2009 and has just reached 80,000 readings on this page alone and is gratefully one of Keen's top ranked advisors with a unique reading style. Sara is dedicated to making your dreams come true!!!! Sara has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. A lot of what she uses in readings is deep analytical psychology into human behavior along with psychic intuition, remote viewing and she literally views the energy of the situation from her mind's eye or with a "feeling or knowing". She will sense it in her own body, along with hearing things about your situation in her head, and see very exact clear visions. She sees people's bodies/energy because she is an also an energy healer (upon request - no extra charges and it is fast). She will give you very exact images of what she sees. She lives from her heart and that will get extended to you, always. She has had many jobs in life which have contributed to an overall sense of knowing a little about all types of things.... from working in the banking industry, the software industry, the real estate business, and also knows a lot about fitness as it is has always been a passion of hers and was a college athlete at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Every question has an answer and there are angels and saints everywhere. She loves animals so can read your pets too! Keen does not allow us to diagnose medically or answer pregnancy questions. She can tell you, however if children are in your future and what they will look like and what their personalities and traits will be like, and usually will get their names or first initials. She will be able to help you manifest the relationship you desire and is a certified life coach. Sara does not use any tools or tarot cards on this listing so will be very quick to respond.
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Sara's secret systematic method of connection makes her the most efficient advisor online! Accuracy, details, descriptions and visions! Clairvoyant remote viewer and medium! Energy and chakra healer! Let's make you happy today! Sara will help you find love and get the marriage or relationship that you want today! Job and money questions are welcome. A reading with Sara will be a different experience than you will have ever had because she will be giving you a reading from her mind and connecting with yours, and the person or people whom you are asking about. She will connect to you via clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and high-level remote viewing and healing. She will feel your answers and connect to you questions (that is why it has to be specific because Sara will literally connect to the energy of the question itself). The images will be very clear and she will relay them to you distinctly and at rapid speed. She will likely hear names, or at least initials (letters) and very exact details to verify, and will also see what is going around the people you are asking about-this will get stronger the more she knows you, by the way - both in length of readings and number of readings). Sara's goal is to help you be happy, succeed, solve life's greatest mysteries, and to help you excel in all arenas of life. Her readings go out as far as you would like (years if that is what you want, and she can remote view anything). Most commonly clients want to know what is person of interest thinking, feeling, intending, what will happen, and timing. She can answer those questions along with making future predictions for you of on any subject matter. She can also answer questions pertaining to work, career, real estate, pet, family, money, investments, relationships, how men and women work together, and can advise you on relationship questions. She will help you get the person you love back by telling you things that you can do right, avoid pitfallsl, and even help you to construct "those text messages"! Please note: Please be very clear in your original question. She does need a question to actually grab onto and click into your energy to get the ball rolling to do a reading. After that it will flow. The more you participate in your reading the more high quality your reading will be. This means asking questions, it does not meaning giving the reading away. Being present and not holding back your energy so that she may access you is important. This is the way she will be able to "see and feel" details about you and all of the things you are asking about. Soulmate and twin soul questions are welcomed. If you are calling for healing she can transform and heal your energy field in many ways. Energy transformation is very fast and things will appear to me in your energy field that need healing, or if something is bothering you, you can let her know and she will will fix it. This can involve chakras but it can involve anything in your field, and you will feel instant relief (within seconds). Sara also does house numerology so if you are moving please let her know. She can also remote view "moves". Sara has x-ray vision into people's energy fields, yours or others to understand what is going on. She can send you positive beautiful energy to heal you, calm stress and pain. Sara also does relocation astrology (astrocartography) - she needs your birth details for this. Experienced, reliable, trustworthy, confident, educated and knowledgeable on just about any subject in life. Sara often sees your personal angels in reading and will describe them in detail. Call today for your amazing reading! Love, Sara
A link to my advisor story that Keen made for
her along with her picture :)https://www.keen.com/articles/psychic/love-expert-sara-psychic-abilities-offer-compassion-and-healing
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