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Love Expert Sara
Love Expert Sara
Certified Love Clairvoyant! THE REAL DEAL!!
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Additional hours as time permits
Time zone: (UTC -08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Please note: Schedules posted are based on advisor's availability and are subject to change, with or without prior notice.
125,000 KEEN Readings *WOW*Factor! Sara’s secret method of connection makes her the most accurate & popular psychic online! Top Remote Viewer/Energy Healer Famous Worldwide. Vortex Healing Work. Gives Names Details!!
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Destiny/Life Path
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~With over 120,000 Keen Readings under her belt, Sara has been a professional, award winning and world-renowned remote viewer during her tenure as a psychic on Keen! Sara is the only doing actual remote viewing and healing to this level anywhere and is right here on Keen! Let your mind be blown.
~Her accuracy is second to none and is one of the the most highly sought after clairvoyants in the world. This is why so many come to her for her healing and razor sharp psychic abilities. Featured in major publications*Vogue*Cosmopolitan*
4th Best Remote Viewer in a World-wide Competition (with proof). Sara gives names, details, descriptions, reads off of vibrations and energy). Nobody compares or comes close.
**Sara has trained with the best of the best including personally with Esther Hicks
**Sara has an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison, Wisconsin in Economics, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology - UW Madison, Wisconsin
**Real Estate License for Home buying and financial questions
~~What Is Your Love's True Intentions and what is in his or her mind about you?~~
~~ Is Your Lover committed or will he/she commit?
~~ Will You Ever Find Your True Soulmate or TwinFlame
~~ What are the exact details, traits and description of your future partner?
~ ~Save Your Relationship & Make It Stronger ~~
~~ Help you manifest the partner of your dreams!~~
Sara studied spirituality and worked with some gifted people starting at age 24 which opened her spiritually and rare things began to happen including knowing things instantaneously as the answers will come into her mind and started hearing and seeing very clearly in her mind.
Sara has been on Keen for almost 14 years with 120,000 Readings total and has the accuracy and experience you need to improve your love life fast! She works as a powerful clairvoyant to zoom into your question and the details will literally blow your mind!s a world-renowned Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant, Energy Reader Healer and Divine Angel Communicator. She provides her clients with practical tools they can use to improve their lives.

Sara is a gifted and successful medium who has been featured in the media, worked with celebrities, and also consulted on high-profile cases. It’s her passion to coach people on how to create the life they dream of and achieve the things they’re passionate about.
*Sara has trained and worked with shamans all over the world, in Sedona, and in Europe You are getting world class remote viewing and techniques for your best life.

Sara’s upmost concern is for and she will get you to where you want to go if you follow her advice and psychic predictions. She can help you get your lover, POI, husband or wife back and will detail out a step-by-step process that works! This is why thousands come to her year after year. She has the most readings per year than any other psychic on Keen. She will get you results!

She has helped thousands get into the relationship or marriage they desire, improve a current relationship and make financial predictions.
Here are the kinds of questions Sara is best at:
Are you TwinFlames and what does this mean for your future?
Are you truly meant to be and is this person worthy of your time?
Will he or she come around, be back and commit?
What is the actual energy of your relationship and what is going on?

She is an energy healer and you will feel better instantly. She is the only one in the world doing it on this level and is right here on Keen!

Nobody actually does what Sara does, meaning "feels" energy at a rapid pace. To get your best reading please do the following:
*Ask one question at a time. Please allow Sara to answer one question in full before asking another
*Breathe, open up your energy so she can access yours
*Call from a quiet calm space, not from a store, party or drive-up.
*Internationally known healer and energy worker for your chakras and soul.
*Please ask specific questions as Keen is fast moving. Vague questions are difficult to read.
Approach to Topics
Please be very clear and precise in your question in order to get a clear answer and detailed answer.
~~Sara will help you achieve the life you are destined to have and fast! Her clients get results! FAST HEALER BE AMAZED!!!!!
~Sara is excited to connect to you and help get your person back!
~~Sara will also help you write your text messages so you get the best results and guide you towards financial, work and love success! She will make you happy today!
*Per Keen rules please no medical questions including pregnancy and/or fertility predictions. Sara cannot serve as a legal counsel. Please no exceptions. No questions on other people’s intimate lives as that is a private matter they are entitled to.

~~Please check out Keen's facebook page for her video and articles about her. Sara has been featured in Wired Magazine, Refinery 29 twice and many other publications.

~~Give her a try you will be happy and enlightened! Sara is also an energy healer. You will get results within seconds! She will scan your energy field to see what is bothering you and release it.

~~Sara gives high powered spiritual readings on your actual soul, reason you are here and past lives and how they are influencing this life.

~~Live your best live today with Keen's top Remote Viewer and Clairvoyant! Call now for Predictions, Answers and Guidance!

~~Please do not cut and paste paragraphs of pre-typed questions. It does not actually save time, it takes away from the quality of your reading because you wind up with shorter, less detailed answers.
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  • Kind · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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