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Love Expert Sara
Love Expert Sara
Psychic to the Stars! World Renowned Remote Viewer
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Sara's secret method of telepathic connection makes her the most popular and accurate psychic online! Accuracy, details, and visions! Tested Clairvoyant Featured in Refinery29/Sara is a World Class Remote Viewer here for YOU!
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*Please ask clear questions at a time so that you get the most accurate and detailed answer.
Sara provides high-level, laser speed, extraordinarily accurate psychic readings and is one of Keen's top rated psychic for over 11 years. You will be provided with a highly intuitive, descriptive reading combined with a special reading style designed to make all of your dreams come true, custom-made just for you! As a Remote Viewer with stunning accuracy and details she will provide you with all of the answers that your heart is seeking! Sara has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology From UW-Madison, Wisconsin and Undergraduate in Economics also UW-Madison and has 30 years of experience in Metaphysical and Spiritual studies. She is also experienced in Life Coaching, the Software Industry, Real Estate, House Numerology Expert, and is well-versed in Astrology.
Sara is a tested and verified Remote Viewer, and one of the best in the world.
Master Psychic, Top Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Reads Energy, Master Healer and Psychologist. Sara is empathic and feels what others feel in her own body and will relay this information to you with lightning speed.
Sara is just plain psychic and born to do this job! She is also a relocation Astrology Specialist, and feels move due to expertise in sensing energy. She is fast, compassionate, caring, everything in one stop! Feel better right now! Sara will also see angels around you, holy beings and describe them in detail to you! Please ask specific questions as Sara needs an actual question to remote view the energy of that question. If you want the best reading, be clear in your question and participate so that energies are exchanged. It is easier for Sara to remote view specific questions and actually she will be getting information while you are communicating (it opens you up). This does not mean to give the reading away; however a banter is best for the most accurate and detailed reading. Sara is an energetic alchemist who is here to make all of your dreams come true! Time is an illusion attempting to fragment Reality.
Approach to Topics
A reading with Sara will be unlike anything that you have ever experienced as it will be a very fast connection! She is known by her thousands of clients as the "Destiny Reader" for a reason because she predicts events so clearly in advance that later come true with exact details and descriptions.
Sara hears or reads your question, then the answers appear in her mind's eye or as a "feeling". She will then quickly relay this information to you so that you know what is going on so that you havfe the answer to your question or questions.
Sara's strong suit is analyzing people, their behaviors, and pinpointing what will happen in the future at certain events, and what is coming.
Sara needs a specific question so she can connect to your question, remote view it, then give you a detailed answer.
Sara will give exact images, details and descriptions, and if you are asking about another person, details will be given on that subject as well.
Most questions are welcomed with the most common being some following: new love, old love returning, marriage, soulmates, twin flames, break-up, future predictions, angel questions, medium readings, reasons for distance, divorce, breakup, is he or she coming back, cheating questions, will my love return? Sara also answers work and real estate questions, and co-worker questions. She can read the energy of chakras and is a healer of souls. Keen does not allow pregnancy readings. However if you want to know, for example, what do your future children look like and what will their personalities be like, that is a great question. Sara will use many different modalities to arrive to the answer to your question. She is not using tarot cards unless upon request so answers will be descriptive, accurate and speedy. Please know she is on your side and here to help.
Sara is very likely to see random images around you the more she knows you - often a few minutes into reading and the longer you are a client. Often your pets pop in, your angels, people around you, many amazing things, beautiful healing images come into the readings. So many miracles have been witnessed over the years. Come for a reading and be happy today! Sara is a Law of Attraction and Manifestation Expert and will help make all of your dreams come true and get you into the right vibration! Every reading is different and yours is tailor-made for you! Sara does not judge and is here to be your guide.
Sara is comfortable reading with other-worldly and other dimensional topics and is adept in this area (past lives and many other realms).
Sara can also help you in matters of direction "what should I do". One of the most common scenarios she helps with is helping clients write and construct text messages! She is a relationship expert so she will help you keep our lover and prevent you from making mistakes and help you to make the right move to keep your relationship going in the right direction. Sara does not ask you any questions or need birthdays; however she does ask that you ask specific questions because she needs something to view. The clearer your questions and the more you are engaging in your experience, the more you will get out of your reading. Readings get more powerful and exact the more you know Sara. She has developed innovative methods of healing which achieve consistent results and accurate predictions. Her joyful approach opens the hearts of all who work with her. *Sara has been channeling your personal angels if they appear and you are welcome to ask them questions. Sara does not know people's ethnicities, age or what city they live in due to all of the choices. She can only describe in visuals. Keen precludes advisors from medical readings.
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