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Mama Kalei
Mama Kalei
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No matter how successful you are today, don't get complacent. The truth of the matter is, what you think you know, isn't so. You discover your purpose in life by finding and remaining in your strength zone.
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I have been a psychic seer all my life. Born and raised in Hawaii, I have a multi-cultural Pacific Islander upbringing. I naturally learned about aloha at an early age. I can only speak from what I know. I know aloha, therefore I speak aloha. I teach aloha. Relationships help us define who we are and what we become. Finding someone who can help model what you want to learn, and help you grow will impact the course of your life. Therefore, choose wisely who to follow, who to call when you are seeking advice.
Approach to Topics
As you share, I listen. I listen intently to the words you share, what comes out of your mouth, reveals your truth. You reveal yourself, your heart. Heart to heart we will talk. I will sit in prayer. I share insights that are revealed to me. I reflect back to you what you most need to know. I will be your spiritual advisor to help guide, build on your strengths and not short comings. You need to discover and develop who you are. The focus is on you. We will get specific and go as deep as you can handle. We will discover your uniqueness, then help you discipline yourself to develope it better. Our session will be insightful, you will feel at ease, the atmosphere is of learning, and you will be empowered, after all is said and done.
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