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Mermaid Waters Healing
Mermaid Waters Healing
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I am here to help you for your highest good in whatever you are inquiring about for your life. Take a dive into the crystal clear mermaid waters to be healed.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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Chakra Cleansing
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Dream Exploration
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I became working in the psychic field age of 18. However, during high school years I attended many aura cleansing workshops to get my energy cleared as young as the age of 15. I continued to progress my gifts through different clairvoyant groups. I did aura cleansing and meditation groups for several psychic and healing businesses. I am currently a independent psychic. I am a empath that merges energies quit quickly and had to learn how to gain control of the gifts I was born with, I am clairvoyant, I see clear images and smells, but my main gift is feeling emotions. They are everything in the work I do and I can feel energies from those near and far. I was a substance abuse counselor for several years healing those in that field. I have worked in metaphysical shops. I still specialize in helping others heal and clear their energies to grow. I too have dived into the waters of my soul to heal. That is the same for you in mermaid waters healing.
Approach to Topics
I am able to read clearly with full names ( first and last name of individuals) saying your FULL name aloud during calls and providing the full name during chat helps me read and get a better focus on you and the other individual(s). I am also able to use date of births, but it is not preferred but if you are more comfortable with DOB please provide that during your reading if not your full names. These tools help me focus on you and your current energies to provide you with accuracte details for your psychic experience.
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