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What are his intentions? Michele Reads the Tarot and uses her psychic abilities to help you discover answers LGBTQ & Polyamory Relationship Friendly. Will read on affairs and third party situations. No judgement.
I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and worked as a Counselor for 20 years and brings her experience to the table. I read the Tarot and use my psychic ability to help you discover answers and options to your life problems. Ask a question or get a general reading about issues relating to Love, Career, Relationships and Women's Issues. See what the future holds. LGBTQ and Polyamory relationship friendly. Non - Judgmental to situations and lifestyles. I am here for you.
Approach to Topics
*When you call I will introduce myself and I will want to know your name. I will begin shuffling my deck and sometimes I use two decks while you ask your question or state your intention. I am immediately trying to pull from your energy and with the tarot piecing together your story.
*The more honest and open you are the more I will be able to read you. Many times as I spread my cards I may ask you a questions. This is so I know that what I am seeing or feeling is correct.
*Sometimes issues come up that may be unpleasant or not what you called about. I will try to stay on the subject but many times these issues are related to your question in some way that may be helpful if you are open to hear it. My job is to be honest and tell you the truth. This is an interactive process and if you are open, can be insightful and meaningful.
*It can open your mind to new possibilities and help you get passed the things that are blocking your way in regards to career, romance and life in general.
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