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Miss Josephine
Miss Josephine
Love Psychic - Cartomancy - Dream Interpretation
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Understanding empathic-psychic and bestselling author answers your love, relationship, career and life path questions. A trusted mentor helping empaths & intuitives understand their gifts and live their best lives
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I have over 25 years of experience using my Intuitive/Empathic and Psychic abilities to help people find true love and resolve any issues with their current or past relationships. Using my gifts to help others is my passion. I am honest, caring, and always compassionate. Life is full of mysteries, and love is the most mysterious of all. Find answers with an insightful, personal, and informative reading for all of your love and relationship questions. If you have empathic and intuitive abilities, I can help you understand, expand, and start on transformational change to be ready for true love relationships and walk your correct path.
Approach to Topics
I have a life time of experience helping people with their issues and questions. I have strong intuitive, empathic, and psychic skills that allow in-depth insight into the past, present, and future.

I am available for psychic readings, cartomancy readings, spiritual readings, and dream interpretations. I am always honest, compassionate and caring. I strive to be non-judgmental and will always respect the privacy and confidentiality of those that I read for.

I want you to know that in all things, I always strive to be honest and have always promised, not only to my callers and myself, but to the higher power and glory of God, that I would not give false hope or just tell someone what they want to hear. I also have always pledged that if what I am shown is not what someone is hoping for I will deliver that news with compassion and in a way that they can best accept the information and deal with it in a growing and positive manner. I feel that I am blessed to have been given gifts of insight and I take it also as a great responsibility. I would never want to go about it in a manner that is deceitful or harmful in any way.

I receive information and messages in all ways: audio, visual, empathically, and with intuition. Sometimes my guide (a very ancient woman) will show herself visually to me and talk with me, other times I receive the information straight into my brain. When I initially connect with you at the beginning of a session it feels somewhat like an electrical pulse and then I enter a very mild trance like stage. Many times I may not remember everything I have said or seen from a reading because of this state of being. While in this state I receive symbols, messages, visions, and feelings, then I process the symbolic meanings, "movies", words, and knowledge to the client.

I have been doing this since I was about 4 years old and I am now in my early 50's, through the years I have learned to judge time frames, patterns, and symbols and apply them to each caller uniquely and meaningfully. What I always acknowledged is that I am only the messenger from the higher power to each person that I read for. I do this only in the name of God and all things good and spiritual. I do not practice the dark arts and have no personal power to influence or change the outcome of this universe. I do believe in prayer, positive thinking, etc., and I also am a firm believer in free will. In additional to psychic intuitive gifts, I also excel at dream interpretation and cartomancy. For cartomancy I primarily use a deck of cards that I have designed and developed myself. I also read many different decks of angel, oracle, and tarot cards,

My strengths are in the empathic and intuitive psychic realms. Often I will be able to communicate with your guides and angels, and my guides love to give me meaningful visionary and worded messages and signs for those I read for.
Endorsed Strengths
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