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"But.....after taking with you....I became unleashed! I've created over 20 paintings since we spoke! Crazy!!!!!" - Shelly Ann. I'm an embodied mystic here to help unleash you inner, powerful self.
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Spirit Guides
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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I have had my gifts since I was a child. I was able to se colors and different visions but didn't understand what it all meant yet. As I child, I learned to keep those gifts silent and too myself.

Then, I had a significant spiritual awakening and all the flood gates opened up at once: I could see beings from different dimensional spaces; I learned to work with the masters (Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene are dear teachers of mine). I have also been honored and called to help those who have passed on to transition into the spiritual realm.

I continued along my path I have continued to master my skills with spiritual practice and bringing the intention in to the human physical realm with ritual, vocalization, hands-on healing, and distance healing.

I have been trainings and initiations as:
Anointing Scent Priestess
White Buffalo Woman
doctoral student of Spiritual Psychology, emphasis in Mind, Body, and Spirit
Approach to Topics
Hello and Welcome,

I am honored and grateful to help offer you guidance and support.
I have had the gift to track and read energy since I was a little girl, and I have used it through my entire life.

When I engage with energy, spirits, and guides, I tap into the infinite access of knowing. I learn what is occurring right now in this moment that needs attention and can be released. I can see the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

I listen with full presence and an open heart to:
- What are the messages that need to be heard right now in this moment?
- What are the patterns that are coming up to be released?
- What is the guidance from the spirit world to shift into a place of ease and joy?

I am Clairvoyant
Voyant – I see.
The spirit world communicates through my vision. I see guides, spirit entities and other beings, master teachers, symbols, and colors. All these different channels open up my channels with the spirit world to help you.

I am Clairsentient
Sentient – I feel.
My body and all the extra-sensory connections is one of my biggest tools. I feel emotions, sensations, and energy in my own body; and I feel messages and cues in my body to add to supporting you in gaining better clarity.

I am a Master Teacher
Teacher – I guide.
I have been a teacher for almost two decades, and my goal is always to give my students the tools that they need to move into the next phase in life. This is my hope and dream for you. We each have our own abilities to connect in with our intuition and higher self, and I help my clients do the same.

I am an Anointing Priestess
Priestess – I ritualize.
After we uncover the messages from spirit, an important part of the process is to bring the messages in the physical world with ritual, practices, and shifts in the physical way of being to embody the changes more deeply.

With Deep Love and Gratitude
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