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Nishante Divinelove
Nishante Divinelove
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I use my souls energy to connect to your soul to allow me to see the truth of the energy. I provide psychic, intuitive, in depth advice readings on your lives, relationships and journeys in this lifetime.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Chakra Cleansing
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Aura Cleansing
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Approach to Topics
TWIN FLAME/ TWIN SOUL/ SOULMATE/ LIFEMATE RELATIONSHIPS- If you do not have knowledge and are not willing to acquire true knowledge about this relationship and are asking questions about this connection i highly recommend you coming in to the reading with an open mind of understanding. Coz otherwise you will not understand this connection at all. I have a twin flame and i know how it works. I have and am walking the path of this divine connection.

It is not right for you to come in with ignorance and do not want to understand the truth about this relationship and leave feedback that has nothing to do with my reading but your lack of perception of understanding just because you are unwilling to know the truth. I am here to serve my clients who are wanting to do there work and connect with their souls and I have had great successes.

Be mindful of your actions. Thank you Nishante.

MY TIMINGS ARE 6PM- 1.30-2Am (Mountain Time, Colorado time). Everyday. if i am not online you may schedule a time to talk or ping me. I get back to my clients right away when you Ping me.

I tap into my souls world to the divine goddesses and gods for knowledge and information.
My Guides are my soul and GAIA’s Kingdom- Earth(Gnome) Air(Sylphs) Water(Undine) Fire(Salamander) All of the Nature Spirits including animal, plant, fairies, crystal, stone, elves kingdom.

No I don’t tap into any other spirits nor angels. I see through my soul's eyes and connect with your soul/ your energy to tell you the truth of the person or situation.

My readings are heart to heart. Soul to soul Readings. And about Truth.

My Friends- As your psychic my job is not only to see what the future is but to share with you the choices you have in the NOW, TODAY and solutions so if you do not like the future you can change your choices TODAY. YES we can change and choose again to what we want.

I am a gifted psychic who was born with the gift of psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, clairvoyance, and the ability to see beyond the veil of illusion. Sometimes the things that I tell you will not be what you want to hear but you will need to hear them in order to move forward. My psychic abilities allow me to see outcomes. what is someone else thinking? will I get that job offer? what will happen if I do this instead of that? Get the information you need to make the best decision. My guidance is honest and thoughtful and will guide you to lead the most positive life, full of joy, love and inner peace. I very much look forward to hearing from you. And yes I do ask questions to tap into your energy field so I can channel the energy to the right person or situation.
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