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Accurate Psychic Empath w/ diverse Preeminent Clientele. Accurate & Honest. Who are they? How are they feeling? Why? Where can it lead and more. We can enlighten your journey!
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General Readings
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Skills & Methods
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Born with the gifts of Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling), I am a Psychic Empath. I have spent my life honing and exploring my gifts. I’ve spent the last 25 years using these gifts to help people on their life journey. I can read as fast as our guides allow and as fast as I can to honor your time and your money. I give you everything I am messaged to give. I also give you my respect, I ask that you do the same. I don’t offer time frames unless there is something very clear in the reading pointing to one. A potential client must be ready and open or your reading will be skewed. Often times your reading will contain something you can validate. If this is the case, there’s something you need to pay attention to or our guides wouldn’t be bringing it up. I am a messenger, I take that job quite seriously . Allow me the chance to illuminate your journey and I shall do my very best to light the way.
Approach to Topics

*Readings I respectfully request you read my entire "Approach To Topics" before your call!

I am a messenger with a gift I take very seriously. I can't explain why I have this gift, only that I accept and respect its presence with the intrinsic understanding that I use it with care to serve you for your highest and best. While being aware of the impact and importance of the words I speak in my reading; I can only control the way in which the message from our guides is communicated. I am direct & compassionate. You get what I am messaged. Simply said, I am a conduit.

My Psychic-Empath readings generally signify an offering through both of our guides, whom connect via both of our vocal vibration and energy. Your energy enlightens the issues our guides want to bring to my attention. Our guides allow me to deliver messages that will help to empower you with information they believe is part of your situational journey. Sometimes, these messages are not what you want to hear, but what you need to know. Our guides may identify underlying issues to give you an understanding and offer additional information you didn’t know you needed. Our guides will explain to you the dynamics of those issues through me to deliver a better understanding that empowers you to make decisions. You will understand the "why" and will be able to validate those reasons during our read.

Depending upon your reading I require:
~ A first name of a person
~ The initials of a street or company depending upon the subject or reading
~I read on all types of specialties including:
~ Life
~ Career
~ A plethora of love & relationship situations Recognize that I'm not omnipotent.
* Please remember:
~ Recognize hope can come in many different forms.
~ I am not omnipotent.
~ I do not offer timeframes unless directly given one.
~ My readings are only as good as what our guides want you to have answers to and
what you're consciously and subconsciously open to hearing.
Meaning: How open are you to the truth within the answer?
* Yes, your reading can depend upon your wanting the truth and your open energy.
~ Call only if prepared to keep it real and are ready for what you need to hear.
~ Please be aware our guides will only address what they feel needs to be

In my many years of experience, it has become apparent to me that sometimes if our guides don’t have an exact answer for us or are not direct, it is because they want you to use your free will, aided with the information they provide through me . Always remember their aim is help enlighten you on your journey to the best of their ability!

~ My Psychic-Empath readings can be long & deep or simple & quick, depending
upon your question, for example:
~ General -v- Direct Readings
Your reading might include the need to address issues because they accompany the
situation and will assist you in understanding the message that empowers your
~ A back story is not required unless you want or need to share for you emotional
well being.
* Our guides often gift me with:
~ Personality traits
~ Feelings
~ The "why of behaviors"
~ Issues at play, etc.
I can give you an emotional finger print and the nuts and bolts of a situation along
with the answers you need.

I offer you my respect, I ask that you reciprocate. I require all clients to enter our reading space with an open heart and expect truth. A healthy display of emotions can sometimes occur- laughing, crying, happiness, sadness. I can't adhere to yelling, immediate anger and/or disrespect. My promise to you is honesty, integrity, non-judgment, a safe space, compasssion & a straight forward accurate reading.

Truth and honesty only benefit you. I have accepted these features of my reading style and offer it, if you should so choose.

~ I don't offer remote viewing, mediumship or animal/pet readings.
~ I don't offer time frames.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 99
  • Kind · 97
  • Accurate · 95
  • Honest · 93
  • Detailed · 92
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