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readings by brandt j
readings by brandt j
I use my visions to give you answers about love
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I am a psychic and a clairvoyant. I use energy and empathy to sense emotions and feelings, I have visions that draw in information and messages to help you in your love life and relationships on your path to happiness.
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Since I was a child I have had dreams and I saw auras and colors around people.

I also felt the emotions of others and offered up care and help to them .

This psychic ability developed further around 15 years ago into empathy and having clear visions. This developed into helping others by doing readings in person and also doing telephone and online chat readings.

Along the path of my learning a psychic friend from the past also helped me to understand energy imprints and how to read energy to help other people in life and their love directions. To help me to guide people in knowing what someone is wanting and how to join encourage them to reach their relationship goals for the future.

I feel the feelings of other people and help guide people with answers to their questions. I feel the emotions through energy and empathy and I tell you what im feeling to help you know what someone is thinking and feeling and how to proceed into a happier love path.

I am a clairvoyant and I share my visions and insights and offer guidance using my visions and psychic ability. I get visions like movies before my eyes that show me how someone may be feeling and what they may be thinking about you. Also this helps me to decide how they may act next and what they may do. I use this information to help you.

I also use my own experiences in love and relationships as to how someone may be thinking and feeling about you and if they want to pursue a relationship with you or not. With a clear understanding of behavior I help others to understand what is going on and why someone is doing what they are doing.

I am here for you on your love journey and to help you see the bigger picture of how someone is feeling and thinking and what they may do about it. I am a very experienced psychic reader and I offer this to you to assist with your relationships and love direction and soul path.

I dont make choices for you but I give the information to you to help guide you to choose a positive direction for your love life and your life situation.

Examples of love and relationship questions I answer:

Are you loved or did you lose love?

Do they care about you and love you?

Will they show their feelings to you and when do I feel that will happen?

Will they return or come back or talk again?

What am I seeing for you and your loved one?

What do i feel will happen next ?

All these questions are important and deserve honest answers, get a clear and direct answer to help you to find the solutions and direction you need. I help guide you in a positive direction for your love situation to assist moving ahead and not remain stuck but to move on in a positive happier direction.

Most people would describe me as a warm, caring person who is spiritually connected and has a vast understanding of other people and their relationships. I do use this spiritual knowledge to help people find their way in love.

Allow me to help you find your way to a happier relationship and a full life full of love.

Approach to Topics

I offer a compassionate and caring approach, listening to your questions and I tune into your energy and the energy of those you ask about and answer your questions.

I help guide you to make your decisions for your life and relationships with others.

I focus on your question and I use my empathy to feel the emotions and energy passing between you and the person you are asking about, also I get visions and use this information and messages as well to guide you towards answers .

What do I see for you?

Are they gone will they return?

Did you find the one or just another love?

What is next for your love path and relationship?

My gifts are visions and premonitions, understanding how people think and what they may do in terms of action towards you. I do predictions based on this information but mostly I just tell you what I see around your situation so you can use this information to help you to decide what you will do next.

My main approach is to offer clear, direct and truthful answers based on the questions you give and branch out to offer spiritual insights to help you to get past the problems you face so you dont have to face them alone. Allow me to accompany you on your love and spiritual journey.

My promise to you is to use my enhanced gifts to help you find the answers you need to find your way past the relationship problems. To help you towards your and your loved ones goals to true love and happiness.

I focus on:
Love and relationships,
Long distance and internet relationships,
Is he/she thinking about you?
Will your ex return to you?

Bring your questions to me about love and I will focus for you and guide you with my my visions and caring and truthful undiluted answers. I offer a very caring approach and will accompany you on your path to get the answers you need with warmth and compassion.

Come in and chat to me.

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