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Honest, Insightful, and Accurate Multi-Generational 5* Psychic Medium & Channel. Want to know how they really feel? Feeling uncertain about Career? Allow my 15 years of professio`nal experience help you get clarity today.
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Past Lives
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Spirit Guides
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
I have been a professional psychic medium for the last fifteen years. When I was younger my gifts made people uncomfortable, I mean it may not go over well if you are ten years old and unknowingly reading family members at the family reunion. I tried to run from my gifts but knowing things has been my gift and I have embraced this profession as my calling for the last fifteen years professionally.

My intention is to help as many people as I can with insightful and empowering readings.

Even more background......
I grew up in the church and attended seminary school. I was an awkward and curious student who people said had a good heart. I thought for a long time that I would be a minister in the faith. But you know how they say if you want to make God laugh make plans. Well, I started to study world religions and ancient paths and well the rest is history.
As I started to surrender to The Divine's will for me to be a reader, I found myself guiding workshops, teaching channeling, and also providing love, romance, and relationship readings of all kinds.

My intention is to empower you to make great choices, experience more joy, and harmony within and without.

I am a certified dual Energy practitioner, workshop facilitator and psychic intuitive radio host. I am a certified Reiki practitioner and initiated minister in various paths.

Please know that I always uplift and share the truth of what I see so that you can have the best insight available to you.

Approach to Topics
We are all here on this planet with a Divine mission and my goal is to get you on track with that Divine purpose.

My readings are unique, compassionate and truthful. We can explore past lives, soul partners, life purpose, spiritual gifts, discernment of friendships, partnerships. I am able to see exactly what you NEED to know so you can move forward with grace and ease.

We co-create our lives and my prayer is that my clients live a life blessed, happy and whole.
If you want REAL insight and zero fluff I am your reader. If you want entertainment fluff and bubbles....well that's not who I am. I share the unfiltered truth in love and with zero judgement.

If you read this long and you resonate with my gifts and energy, than let's chat. There are no coincidences and I believe you found my profile for a reason. Let's see what the Divine has to say about your situation.

Many Blessings on your journey.

Expectations for our reading:
-I start each day by setting my intentions in prayer
-I pray for all of my clients if you ask me too :)
-I am well versed in ALL manner of sensitive topics including relationship dynamics/structures of all kinds whether corporate, familial, platonic, or romantic.
-Please have your questions ready so that I can answer swiftly and maximize our chat time together.
-Please let me know if you have gender pronoun preferences. Mine are (she/her)

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