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San Francisco Medium Virginia
San Francisco Medium Virginia
Love and Relationship Channeling-Clairvoyant
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Accurate and mind blowing readings with validation, names and only info you would know.. Top Reader on Keen.
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Virginia was born in San Francisco to Italian imigrants. She first became aware of clairvoyant abilitities at the age of three, through guidance of her maternal grandmother who had also been shown her own psychic gift at a young age. Virginia is a Keen exclusive advisor giving others worldwide access to the very answers they need through her connection to Spirit. She has such answers. You want to know if he/ she is the right one. You want to know if will you get that job. The real estate deal --is that happening? Virginia will lead you to the right choice, the right partner, the lost items you misplaced. Virginia is a well-known bona fide Channeling-Clairvoyant Medium and a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She has successfully located missing persons, in one instance before midnight the same day.

As a natural Empath and Clairsentient her connection to what is known as 'the other side" gives you the same immediate access that people from all walks of life have experienced in connecting to those who have crossed over. Virginia frequently works with celebrities, doctors, medical profession, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, media personalities. Virginia has done her own radio shows and is getting ready for radio show # four!
Virginia will not answer questions concerning health, legal, or lottery so please to not ask as she may end the Reading! Keen's RULES.

The only thing you'll ever regret is that you did not call her sooner. Do not wait another minute. Make the call!

Approach to Topics
Using my psychic clairvoyancy to view what I call psychic "snap shots" Spirit reveals to only me, I channel the reading by describing to you the visions as they appear. Spirit will use certain experiences and memories as psychic validation of the information you need to guide and heal you. Sometimes past lives will come through the reading if it helps you to understand what is not working in your life. At the outset, I clear my own thoughts, and emotions before beginning a reading to ensure that the information is specifically yours. Validations and your active involvement in receiving them are key to a meaningful reading and connecting you to the love and relationship Spirit has in store for you .
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