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Seraphim Power on Your Side, In Depth, No Nonsense, Clairvoyance ~ Clairaudiance Auraic Reading. Truthful with Accuracy to the T! Affordable ~Believe In Love~
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Love life seems frozen in time? Has Love become A revolving door? Call me, I am a 7th generation clairvoyant, on my mother's side tracing all the way back to the early 1500's, with 4 genealogy's as proof. We will venture into the unknown desires of your mates heart together finding the answers you are seeking. Remember that love will be lasting only if you see the relationship as a place that you go to give, not just receive. Loving relationships must be nurtured, there are silent messages to look for. Warning signals within a relationship that can remind you of a problem that needs to be taken care of immediately before it gets out of hand, never go to bed angry as a couple, talk about it first. We all have a different perception of love, but, if people love each other enough they should be willing to work out the differences. I use my natural gifts along with my other ability's to give you the best reading possible. Everything happens for a reason, love is patient and kind, not demanding. I am not a Genie in a bottle, only God can grant a wish, I am only able to tell you what I see happening, and it may not be what you want to hear, at least it will be the truth. Once a reading is complete, you will have a good sense of where you stand, a better idea of the issues, and know how to handle them. Please know that Spirit work very hard to communicate this information.

"1/18/2003 Grgygirl I had read with Snowfirel last year and dismissed much of what she had said because I wasn't ready to accept it. As it turns out, she is one of the very few that was absolutely accurate. I wish now that I would have given her more time on that call to help me understand what she was trying to say. She doesn't pull any punches...tells you exactly how it is. That IS what you are paying for...right? Don't make the mistake I made. Call her with an open mind and really listen to what she is trying to tell you.Thanks Snowfire!" 6/29/2008 hyelady WOOOOW!! This lady is a MUST CALL. She can really read people and give advice for how to interact with them. I learned a lot and can't wait to call back!! This reader gives you such detail on your situation. She still is one of the best readers on this site and very professional. If you want details about your situation along with future insight and how your path will go, give this reader a call." "Dear Snowfire,
Just wanted to Thank you again for the wonderful reading. You gave me such great insight, after our conversation he called me to tell me again how wonderful it was meeting me, and I almost melted..The insight you gave me regarding my aura helped me to put things in perspective. You are awesome, and I pray that God continues to use you to Bless and encourage the lives of those who continue to seek life's goodness. I can not wait until our next conversation, please remember me, the singer with the rainbow colored aura. Peace & Blessings, T.Mignon"
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These are both true spirit photos, the top is of Our Lord Jesus with His Mother Mary, the one to the side here, is Lord Jesus, this photo was taken by two elderly women that lived right next door to my grandmother, it was taken back in 1933, no statues or anything were in the garden, it is a real photo, it was not copied until 1960, and to my knowledge there were 5 copies in existence, I have one of them. So, if anyone should ever ask you, if Jesus is real, you now know that He is for sure. As the Angels will sing, "Jesus is The Light, Remember"

"Do unto other's as you would they do unto you." If you do not like what I say to you just leave me a letter.
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