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Sorellina Gemma
Sorellina Gemma
Welcome Earth Angles.
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Need clarity? I am able to give you that, and more! Toxic, Karmic, Twin and Soulmate, the good, the bad and the ugly. With me as your guide I will gain you the insights for all concerns you mind is cluttered with.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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I'm an empath with the ability to instantly connect to your energy, placing me directly into your situation, as if I'm right there going through your challenges, good and bad times with you. As an Earth sign, a proud Taurus I am truly one with the earth. I spent all of my youth knowing I was different but after embracing my hearing, seeing, knowing things I could not explain, I learned I am unique and I chose to enhance my gifts rather than to fear them. I know what pain is and I deliver all messages with pure honest, while also sending love vibration your way always honest, but always love.. With little or no details from you on your situations I am able to pull accurate findings and give you clarity on anything you seek. With me as your guide I can give you insights and get you onto your true destined path. I also have ability to communicate, with a strong connection and faith of divine source. I have the ability to use tarot and other tools, including pendulum upon request. My sole purpose in life is to share messages, positive energy, guidance, clarity and love to those who reach out to me. Finding me and connecting is the first step to a clearer future for you, thank you for growing me with every contact from you, I am blessed ....
Love, Relationships, Soulmates, Career, Grief, Affairs or negative toxic connections, and so much more, there is nothing I cannot guide you through.. Blessings...

Certified Master Psychic
Certified Tarot
Certified Reiki Healer
Certified Crystal therapy

"There is only sky for me." ~Sorellina
Approach to Topics
As an empath, I am a radiation of pure positive energy that you will always feel with me... I deliver compassionate but very honest and detailed messages giving clarity and insights, to never mislead or misguide you through your situations you seek guidance on. With me you will truly know all you need to... and finally become un stuck. Growth and forward to you true destined path, relationships and connections.
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