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Phoenix Rae
Phoenix Rae
LOVE RELATIONSHIPS Clear Guidance and Direction
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Let's UNCOMPLICATE the issue. I'm here to guide and nurture, NOT read your palm. Allow me to cut through the noise — Relationships, Karmics, Soulmates, Family, Divorce, Dating, Self-Worth, and More!
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Destiny/Life Path
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From a young age, I've always felt this deeper connection with the other side. Yet as I grew older, those gifts were pushed aside for fear of being ridiculed. Ultimately, this resulted in a detour off my true Soul’s Path and into a hailstorm of hard-earned lessons and epiphanies.

Yet through it all...I've conquered and integrated my shadow with an even deeper LOVE of Self, as well as a PASSION to guide others back to their own Joy and Abundance. ✧

Certified Life Coach
Certified Breathwork, Meditation Facilitator
✧ Psychic Intuitive
✧ Empath
✧ Spiritual Advisor
✧ Angel & Ancestor Channel
✧ Deep Knowing
✧ Sound Healer

My gifts are to attune to the messages given to me by my guides and spirit team — with Gratitude, Fierceness, and Compassion.
Approach to Topics
With the help of Angel Guidance, my Spirit Love Team, and Clear Knowing, I've been gifted the ability to cut through the noise — while infusing CLARITY and Healing into your situation or concern.

I am honest, straightforward, and compassionate, as well as strive to maintain a level of professionalism, comfort, and F L O W throughout each and every one of my sessions.

\\ Simply allow me to lead you there. //

I will answer questions and give proactive, spiritual ADVICE to attract Positive Movement into your life.

---*---*-*---- PLEASE NOTE: ---*---*-*----
Intuitive and Spiritual Sessions are not offered to instruct you on what to do, nor read your future or past - they are meant to spiritually counsel on what you may or may not be conscious of in your time of need.

Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I’m Here For You. ♥

With Care,
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