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Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
Looking For a Guide for Your Soulmate Journey?
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Tired of dating narcissists? Looking for the love of your life? I’m here to help you see that you deserve better than you’ve settled for in the past and show you how to align yourself with your soulmate partner.
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I was in my 30s when it finally dawned on me that I’d been dating the same kind of man since my first serious boyfriend in high school. This man was a narcissist who preyed on my good heart, my empathic abilities and my people pleasing skills and desires. It was at this same time I decided I didn’t want to date that man anymore. I deserved more. I deserved better! So I took a look at what made me choose that same, narcissistic jerk to date and made changes to myself. I stopped teaching people they didn’t have to give as much as they took from me, and I stopped chasing every possible relationship like it was my last chance at love.
That time in my life was tumultuous for a lot of reasons, some of which resulted in my semicolon tattoo (If you’re unfamiliar with Project Semicolon, the semicolon is a symbol of surviving suicidal thoughts.) So, there I was, a lonely 30-ish year old woman who craved love and connection, but had been destroyed by too many bad choices and men willing to happily take advantage of me. At the time, I turned to my best friend (one of several soulmates I have been blessed to find in this lifetime). He and I sat and talked regularly about our relationships and what we were doing to sabotage them, how to heal ourselves, and how to take that healing into our relationships where we could stand up for ourselves and demand nothing less than the love we deserved. These epic gab-fests served several purposes, not the least of which was as sounding boards for the crazy thoughts we both had about what we deserved and how we could get it.
That was when my life changed for the better. In 2015, I met a wonderful man who hadn’t been part of my past and who didn’t know how I used to be. I stood firm in my choices to be a different woman and to not accept less than I deserved in love. He turned out to be a soulmate for me and we got married on Halloween 2020.
And then my friend died. He passed in 2019 and it still breaks my heart every day that he’s gone. My confidant and counsellor is no longer just a phone call away. But despite my pain, I knew he would be disappointed in me if I didn’t do something to help others the way he had helped me.
And so the Soulmate Seeker’s Love Coach was born. I will be the ear you need when you are doubting your ability to have or find a soulmate. I will be there with advice that is both kind and stern when you’re falling back into your self-destructive or devaluing behaviors. And I am here to listen while you share what you need to get off your chest about your sense of self-worth and the relationship(s) you engage in.
If you’re tired of dating narcissists, tired of cheating partners, tired of giving without receiving, I can help you. I’ll help you see how your sense of self-worth is critical in your love relationships and how to improve and nurture your self-worth. I’ll help you understand that when you only give, you are draining your energy without refilling it and leaving nothing for yourself. I’ll help you determine what your soulmate partner is like and help you prepare yourself for them when they come to you.
If you’ve ever needed someone to talk to about how you feel about your relationships and the choices you make in them, I’m here for you. I am a certified Law of Attraction, Spiritual, and Relationship Life Coach. I can help you with a coaching program on a general relationship topic--such as the Soulmate Journey--or through free-form (led by your needs) coaching sessions. Connect with me now and let’s get you started on you having happier and healthier relationships for the rest of your life.
It's never too late. You're never too old! I turned 50 in February of 2021 and I'm happy in a healthy, nurturing relationship with my soulmate. If I could do this, so can you. I'll be here to guide you on this journey and help you overcome the roadblocks you've run up against in your search for your soulmate.
Approach to Topics
I’m Shari, The Soulmate Seekers Love Coach. I believe every human being deserves to be loved as they receive love, and that a soulmate partner who loves you in the ways you receive love is out there, waiting for you to align your energy with theirs.

I’m here to help you see your value as a loveable human being. I will help you love yourself as you want others to love you. And I will help you align your energy with your soulmate partner who will love you as you deserve to be loved and is waiting for you to align your energy with theirs so you can come together in this world.

I will help you stop chasing unhealthy relationships (and chasing relationships overall), stop dating narcissists, and stop settling for less than you deserve.

I try to take a compassionate approach to my readings, but I will not sugarcoat the messages I receive. I will not tell you what you want to hear, I will only share the truth of the messages I receive for you.

If you’re asking for a love reading about an individual from your life, please be prepared to share the following information with me:
1. How long have you known this person.
2. How long have you been involved with (dating) this person.
3. If you’re no longer together, how long have you been broken up
4. When was the last time you communicated with this person?
5. Are the lines of communication open between you or have one or both of you blocked the other?

I offer advice on:
1. How to align your energy with your soulmate partner
2. How to be a better soulmate partner yourself
3. Keeping communication open, honest, and loving
4. Taking care of yourself to care for others.
5. Ways to nurture all your relationships
6. How to recognize your soulmate when they come to you

I do not discuss medical issues, including pregnancy. I cannot give you the date of your wedding as there are too many other factors involved. I will not discuss anything related to anyone under the age of 18.
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