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Using your energy and tarot cards to pick up on the energies of what is going on around you and in your life. The cards tell the story and sometimes the solutions and outcomes.
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Been doing tarot for over 13 years along with evolutionary astrology and still studying the human mind. I am certified as an Assertiveness and Spiritual Coach. My background is in Nutrition, Relationships and Business.
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I am listed under Tarot Readings where I do have reviews.

When a client concentrates on a question, I shuffle the cards and focus on that question and the client's first name. Sometimes I might ask the client's birth date as a person card can or will show up and like to clarify who that person might be as it can be the energies of a person also. The cards tell the story and I always look for the solution(s) and the outcome. There are times that the cards don't show a solution or an outcome as you still have issues to work out with this person and it just could be that its meant to last. I sometimes uses horary question to get timing. Horary doesn't always answer the question as it might be too early which there are events needed to occur or the question might be too late in meaning the question isn't no longer important or been asked too many times.

If the cards are muddy (which the client's energy is closed and have ask too many psychics or readers) I will tell you and end the reading as not to waste your time. Please do not fire off random questions quickly as the energy will get muddy and so will the cards (not being able to read them as they don't make sense). Please have an open mind on the reading as that opens your energy. also. One final note: Even though I might see negative energies in the spread, energies and people change and tarot in my opinion is good for up to 6 months or even a year. The spread is usually what is going on now and how it can end or give you the solution to get what you want. To me, tarot is a tool to use when you hit a rough spot in your relationship.

I also do evolutionary astrology, its the map of your soul in this lifetime and can show when people of interest comes into your life. Sometimes it can show true soulmates and the lessons we need to learn from them in order to grow. They can be romantic, business or friendship. Your chart can give the clues of what is ahead and how to navigate. The signs and the houses indicate what you need in a relationship and what kind of people you will attract in your life. For this I need your birth date, birth time and birth place to get an accurate reading. This can be done in chat and will take up to 30 minutes or more of your time.

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