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Relationship need Healing?? Tamalyn can actually feel what is going on with your relationship & partner!!
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Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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Chakra Cleansing
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I have 22 years working with Soulmates and healing relationships. The Soulmate bond is the glue that holds relationships together long term. My expertise is removing negative energy from other people that interferes in the relationship. I help people move forward in their lives, create their marriage and thrive in their marriages.
I was born a strong Intuitive and Medium. Then, I worked for several years in the Berkeley Psychic Institute Healing Clinics and finally did the one year clairvoyant programs. During this process, I developed strong Long Distance Healing skills and Aura Cleansing ability. I am also trained in Reiki.
Approach to Topics
Using my empathic and medium abilities, I am able to feel the energies between two people. If the soulmate energy is there, then I can work with that couple long term. The soulmate energy is the God given glue that holds people together long term. I am also able to clairvoyantly and empathically feel if there is any person interfering in a relationship. Then, I can heal or remove that interfering persons' energies with the distant healing and the frequencies of the plant essential oils. I also help my client work through the relationship issues with the prayers, oils and behaviors that I prescribe.
These techniques are also similar to working with Career/Work, Family/Friends and Pets/Animals.
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