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Taras Garden
Taras Garden
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Existing clients please email and I will log on for you. Questions and concerns answered by caring intuitive coach, counselor and expert in psychic intuition. No new clients at this time. Email for appointment.
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Welcome to TARA'S GARDEN. I am typically available M-F during the days Eastern Time Zone. Regular clients, please email and I will log on for you.

I will not provide medical or legal advice nor suggest you do anything that is detrimental to you or any others. Please understand that I am an intuitive coach, counselor and an expert at connecting with psychic intuition, I am not a Boardwalk seer that will encourage you to play games and do spells. I am here to help guide you to be your best and I feel this happens by encouraging kindness, compassion and understanding.

My readings will likely pick up on a person and if their focus is elsewhere in one of three areas (job/money, home/family, personal growth/reflection). I also read in 'seasons', feeling events that happen in certain weather periods or generally three-month time frames.

I am extremely comfortable providing guidance via chat and email and relay the energy I feel quickly and efficiently. Currently, chat is my preferred method of reading. Please understand for a thorough reading, you will need more than a few minutes to get sufficient detail. New clients, asking for a cold reading with no information and hanging up after a few minutes, is not the best use of our time. I do best at reading with an interactive or pointed question.

I have been a student of the Spiritual Arts for over fifteen years and have consulted regularly as a reader both privately and with a national psychic phone line. I have advanced degrees in the Environmental Sciences and use this training to help find our spiritual connection to the planet. I have traveled extensively throughout the world and bring a global and non-judgmental understanding of cultures and experiences to my readings.A NOTE ON TIMING: WHILE I WILL PROVIDE TIMING (if requested), PLEASE FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME NOT THE TIMING PARTICULARS. Time is fluid and cannot be measured accurately. Therefore, I will no longer confirm timing questions. While I will predict the outcome of your question, the reading must be given space to manifest itself. This often takes two variables, time and patience. My readings are highly reviewed and reflect trust in my instincts and guidance. Many factors influence time frames and they are subject to change.

Allow me to help you focus and provide answers along your path. Join me today...It will change your life!....With Love, Tara's Garden.

The beautiful goddess Tara, (pronounced tah' rah) whose name means 'Star' is called upon in times of need to provide protection, and to help steer a clear path through the chaos.
Approach to Topics
I am a caring intuitive life coach, counselor and expert in psychic intuition. I offer accurate, soulful and insightful psychic readings which integrate the ancient arts of tarot, astrology and other metaphysical studies. I conduct myself ethically and professionally and truly want to help you find the path that helps you to be your best spiritual being. My goal is to empower you.

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