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The Manifesting Goddess
The Manifesting Goddess
Take control & create your own future! :-)
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I can help you GET YOUR DESIRES with the LAW OF ATTRACTION 100% guaranteed! For readings, be ready to hear the truth. I'm here if you just need an ear too. (9am to 12am Pacific Time). Ping me if I'm not online :-)
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Hello, loves! I'm a Law of Attraction advisor. I can help you create ANY desired outcome you seek (as long as your intentions come from a good place and no illegal activity is involved). In my life, especially over the past 10 years, I have manifested ex's back, money, trips to 30 countries, meeting celebrities, dream jobs, weight loss (I lost over 100 pounds!) and more. Traveling to 6 different continents has helped me interact with a lot of different energies on Earth. This guided me in creating magical, miraculous events in my life and I know I can share that with you to help you do it too.
My experiences have taught me that you can literally have anything you desire IF you are willing to be patient, do your part, and work with the Universe. Everything is energy. Everything comes in perfect, divine timing. Everything is possible! But remember, it might not happen the way you thought...but better!
Approach to Topics
As stated before, if you just need someone to listen to you, I'm here for you. In addition, I'm also here to EMPOWER you! Let me help guide you through the law of attraction/assumption. First, I need to hear your story so we can address the issue together. Then, I'll help you tap into your powerful energy and work with you on affirmations, manifesting techniques, and your mental diet in order to achieve what you're aiming to manifest. If the call ends shortly, and I have time, I will respond to you with a detailed email with tips and tools to help you. So don't worry! The Universe is on your side...if you let it! Take back your power today! Remember, within you is a great god/goddess just waiting to manifest amazing things into your life. Are you ready to receive your blessings? Are you ready to turn impossible situations around? Then let's work together!

Anything is possible if you believe and I'm always here to listen, my loves. But please remember that if you need medical attention or if you are struggling with your mental health, it is totally fine to see your local physician or therapist. Seeking counsel from a medical professional is also a part of the grand, divine plan that will help you manifest your best life. So, are you ready to get started? I'm here when you need me! If I'm not online, please e-mail or ping me and I'll hop on. :-)
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