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Meaningful and loving relationships with ourselves and others shifts the potential within us and the world around us. The potential of tomorrow and yesterday can change and unfold in each moment! <3 Annica! <3
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I am not psychic. Please don't call me and ask me to predict your future. Potential is not set in stone, ever. It's an insult to you and the nature of the universe to think in such a limiting way. That being said, it happens, occasionally, that I can see potential that you can't see and prophetic dreams saved my life in 2003. My 1st dream 40 years ago deeply connects to how my main focus these days in this: Wake up. Grow up. Clean up. Show up. To actualize the realizations, this is my passion, in addition to flow states, zen wisdom, spiral dynamics, sound healing, immunity strength, and Integral Theory.
My background is diverse. I started out doing card readings, Mayan astrology and dream interpretation on this website which sadly, deleted my 4.5 star rating average b/c I didn't log in for more than a year. If you have a desire to pursue the woke path, or if you are already so deep into that the seeker has found a new ground of being and nondual wisdom is your thing, I have training from the Luminous Awareness Institute and love to share about those maps/ that lineage is something that changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. I'm a 7 with an 8 wing on the Ennegram and love Reichian types, attachment therapy and a variety of tool to connect and be helpful, hopefully to your benefit! :)
Approach to Topics
Expect the unexpected?:) Expectations are a pitfall. I can meet you in your realms so that the benefit to you is as great as possible. It all depends on what you desire. Most people like a mix of cards and Mayan Astrology and my heart's desire, as of late, is to assist others with integration of peak states, whetehr it was a kundalini blow-out, and OBE or " near-life experience" or a satori, satchitananda, samadhi like moment or an ego death type experience. It's my belief we came here to cultivate the skills and gifts and talents that will in the end, give us an outlet to love and be valued for our divine nature. Once the conditioning starts to fade, we begin to learn how powerful and empowering and rewarding it can feel to rest in the heart and be less in defense / protection. To discover the gifts/talents/ challenges to help you level up and more... there are many options. My goal is to leave you feeling lifted and inspired with a plan, if you want that... for the next move, even if it is to not move:)

If you wanna look at your Mayan charts for you and other before calling, here is my suggestion. Go here: http://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.pl
Print out the lifecharts (The day you were born) and to get an even bigger feel for syncronicities and sependipity and mirrors and polarities and more...print 4 consecutive years. Look for reversals and glyphs being the same and same for the numbers at the top. There are 20 tribes (glyphs) and 13 tones (A dot = 1 and a line is 5 with the old old school OG counting. There are 260 signs and each one has a tone and tribe. If you look at important dates and the chart, that will help one determine if this aspect of collective consciousness is going to resonate with you; and if not.... I have about 30 different decks that I use and I don't do tarot.

Good luck finding exactly what your soul needs here at keen :) Aho Mni Wiconi
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