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StormeQuest Realm


So nice of you to visit our Realm on the Web!

 My apologies that I have not been on the phone recently. I had been ill and work full time, so my time has been limited. I am on more night hours than the day. Feel free to email me if you would like to set up an appointment.

We offer E-Mail Readings or take Phone Calls, as the cards turn to guide you!

I look forward to receiving your questions and meeting you through the readings.


There will be specials posted from time to time for phone calls or email.

I do a full Celtic cross reading unless there is a reading you prefer.

EMAIL ONLY SPECIAL - two card quick question answer $4.00!!
Calls cost much more and you can arrange an appointment anytime. Specials May not be available for long!

I Will answer your questions through the cards using years of intuitive and
psychic experience!

  Readings are always honest and caring!

 Please include the reading you wish in your email request or I will perform the basic reading for you!
  Basic e-mail readings with 3 cards - past, present and future are $5.00.

 4 card basic reading is $6.00. 

I am adding the Triskele Spread for $8.00, which is a good spread for answering relationship questions.

If you would like a basic Celtic cross reading it is $12.00.  The larger
cross reading is $15.00. 

 If there is a spread you prefer, feel free to request it.  Any of these spreads are available by phone also.  When you call to save time indicate the spread you would like or I will begin the basic Celtic Cross.  Feel free to add any information that you feel will help your reading for either phone calls or mail.  You can give your birth sign or date if you like too.

Check above or back regularly for weekly specials!


  Your questions can be specific or vague, but the cards can be that way
too! We will do our best to give you an informative reading. Specifics can
be requested at various costs.
 If you have a question about your reading I will reply. If you are not
satisfied with your reading, please write back. My goal is guidance through
your questions.  I am divining the cards for you and relating their message.
If you want my advice also, please ask.



Click the button below for my Gemini tarot Reading.

I am  intuitive and psychic and will guide you.  Please note that Keen offers many categories and I am listed in more than one.  If it is a more specific category you would like your answer to reflect, just let me know.


Pets are an important part of my life, yours and the universe.  If you have a query regarding your pet and fur friend, please ask.  Please note if the reading is just through cards or through psychic channeling. 

Please be patient, since work full time, will answer all emails one at a
time. At present cannot take on many phone calls and am limiting phone
calls.  Appointments can be arranged.
  I will add more information as time permits.

Your spirit may be more aware of the answers than you know. I hope to give
you help to divine the answers you seek. Our spirit can get confused or
blocked at times.


Tarot cards are almost as old as time!  Use the readings of the ages

to answer your questions or query a life question.


   We wish you mystical dreams and serenity!


I have started a new Group, The Realm of StormeQuest Group!  Please visit! All are recommended and top ratings advisors!

I am a member of the House of Cards Group.  Please visit them for any readings also, and  Grandma Sage and Mystic, who have years of experience!

Updated February 6, 2007