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My name is Mogens Eliasen (first name pronounced MOW- ence) - my parents chose it - it is Danish. I live in the Interior of British Columbia. I am Canadian citizen.

If you want to know more about my official background, you can check my resume - it also contains links to some of the web sites I have developed and run.

I have four main passions in my life:

  1. building and maintaining relationships - particularly my family;
  2. freedom and human rights and how we protect them;
  3. small business and home-based businesses - entrepreneurship;
  4. dogs and dog training.

My attorney used to call me "The Renaissance Man", which I took for the compliment it was meant to be. You will understand what he meant when you see my resume :-)

We do live in a world where change is happening very fast, and it can be scary. I have personally gone through more change and more chaos in my life than most people, and I have enjoyed learning from my vast experiences, also when the experiences themselves were very far from pleasant... But I cannot stop myself from learning. I need to study things until I understand how they connect and how they function and relate to what I already feel I understand. I have a constant quest for understanding the mechanism behind observed events, and I love to develop simple models to represent complicated issues - simply because I have experienced through all my teachings that this is the best way for people to understand complex issues.

I like to "enlighten" other people", to make them understand themselves and how they can function in our complex and often outright confusing world.

I grew up in Denmark during the times of The Cold War, and, with Soviet war ships constantly ploughing the Danish straits, I have certainly learned to value my freedom and my rights to make my own choices. In my heart, I am an entrepreneur - I want to use my freedom and I want to help other people treasure it too.

My studies of dogs and dog behavior have been a great support - dogs are great teachers when it comes to the important basics of what is really important and what is not.... the parallels to how humans could get more enjoyment out of their lives are striking.