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I work as an intuitive therapist and spiritual advisor to help folks heal and continue on a path true to the soul’s calling. I have higher visions for this world. I am here to offer spiritual guidance and support.
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Destiny/Life Path
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**Please read profile

I come by my intuitive abilities naturally although they increase in strength and capacity over time. My great grandmother had what people called ESP at that time. Ive always had a special connection with her and it has been said psychic gifts often run within familial lines, in addition to our inherent capacity to develop.
I am claircognizant, telepathic, empathic, clairsentient and highly visionary.

Often when working with someone insight flows through me like a channel.

I have been humbled cultivating a relationship with the Angels and other higher spiritual helpers to receive guidance.
I work through sensing, feeling and channeling. The more time I spend listening and developing a relationship with someone the clearer the picture of their life, circumstances and pathway to healing, self empowerment and shining their light becomes.
I use the potent goodness of my heart, wisdom, knowledge and intuitive abilities in my work with people who are seeking support for any number of areas in life.
I have found I naturally play a mentoring role in another's healing and transformation.
My model of approach is one of deep listening and facilitation of a more intimate and resilient connection to oneself and personal empowerment.
My training and professional background involves social work, counseling as well as spiritual development, wellness and self care modalities.
My intuitive abilities have been affirmed by many over the years including several spiritual advisors on keen.
I love to learn and work with the earth, it's plants, stones, animals, invisible helpers and the land. The universe is always speaking to and through us.
I use this to help people take their personal development, relationships and profession to the next level and can often "see" or "feel" extra special qualities about any individual and how they can begin to channel themselves more uniquely and effectively in service and relationship to this world. I especially enjoy working with people who are on the precipice of a transformation or currently navigating their way through one. So often this presents itself in the form of life challenges, loss, feeling stuck, unbearable feelings of heaviness, grief, anxiety. Or simply desire for more.
My forte is looking at what is revealing or manifesting, connecting dots to offer a deeper understanding as well as formulating action items on how to chart the course forward in a way that serves your true heart's desires.
**I Do Not Read The Future
**My approach takes more time investment than the typical psychic clairvoyant snapshot. There are many advisors on here for that purpose- some accurate, some not. I’m happy to refer as I have a lot of experience with advisors on this platform. Everyone has their own unique method and gifts of insight to share.

As for myself-
I take time and care with you to listen deeply to get to the root or undercurrent of the situation. This is a healing/ therapeutic/ empowering pathway.

Sometimes all we need to know is what x is feeling or thinking. But other times what we need to investigate is the underlying dynamic we are part of co-creating but want to shift. If you are willing to invest the time with me, you will be able to go deeper within yourself and your concerns to better process, resolve and catapult youreself forward. I work from the heart and can help you strengthen your own inner voice, sight and guide you to your true self in all you are and do.
As we come into alignment with our higher selves, which often is a process and one that requires care, our experiences in life naturally begin to make more sense and reflect back the harmony within us.
I would love to work with you.
It is almost always more comfortable, fun, easier and faster to move forward through life with someone we trust to open to and support us.

Approach to Topics
I am a good balance of compassionate and direct. Honest and caring.
I hold sacred space for you to release, put everything on the table, and dig in. In new ways for a fresh, brighter and stronger version of you.
I believe in co-creating a world where the Law of Love may prevail.
I am gentle but solid in my personhood and work with others.
I wholeheartedly respect and honor the journey and everyone as unique and individual.
We are all here to learn and grow.
There are no judgements here.
You are beautiful!
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