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Let Erik help you uncover the mysteries of your life and help you put meaning back into your life so that you may live your true path with a sense of renewed hope and inspiration.

Born into a family of natural psychics, Erik has been a life-long student of the occult and the paranormal. Erik has been studying the tarot since forth grade and been doing professional readings for well over two decades. Erik was also formally the director of a paranormal research group located in Arizona. Erik is also an ordained minister and a Reiki practioner.
Approach to Topics
Oracle work is more prognostication than prophecy. My readings offer the most likely course of events, or what you need to be looking at. Nothing is set in stone. So if you don't like the outcome as it is presented then it is up to you to change it.

Some things you should know about my readings:
I charge a low rate so I can talk to you for awhile. My rate doesn't reflect my lack of skill rather what I think is fair. We simply are not in person face-to-face.
I have been involved with Tarot since I was ten. That being said, I am much more confortable doing long in-depth reading than short ones.
I do ask questions at the beginning of a reading so I can shuffle the cards - I can lock on to the tone of your voice and get my cards ready to talk to you, and it also helps me as an empath. You don't really want me to give you the cards from the last reading I did.
I will tell you what the cards actually say rather than what I think you want to hear.
To my fellow readers, the majority of the decks I use have wands/spears/batons as air and swords as fire. Also, I read different decks differently, I always get the book with any given deck so I know exactly what the artist/author intended. I haven't used pure Rider/Waite meanings since I was 16 and that was back in 1991. Of course I still know those meanings, after-all it was the deck I learned on, so to me all decks are modifications of those meanings. Regardless, this is why certain cards have very different meanings when I read different decks.
I don't do distance Reiki for people unless I've done it several times in person first. Likewise, I tend not to do spellcraft for strangers.
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