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Camilla Rose

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336 readings since 2016
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The love expert that will change your life!
Relationship expert in break ups, divorces, and domestic violence. I care about you and know your having trouble because of the anxiety level, the loneliness, the repeated thoughts obsessing your mind.
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Love & Relationships
Remote Viewing
Dream Exploration
Feng Shui
About Me
About Me
I have studied psychology in college and have taken life coach courses as well. I am also a psychic that uses her insight to empower you to be the best you ever! I have worked as a life coach for three years and have experience that will benefit you.
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
As a trained life coach, I use a methodology that will empower you to find your strengths and even strengthen your weaknesses. I will motivate you and inspire you to make life choices that will bring you more joy and serenity. If you find that your
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