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Esther Neptune
Esther Neptune
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Find spiritual protection while the world unsettles. Esther has gone through her own NDE/recovery journey multiple times, as well as a myriad of stressful life experiences! She currently lives in the calm amidst the storm.
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Welcome to Esther's "Other Psychic Readings" offering!

Through her nine years of experience as a psychic, Esther harnessed the freedom of working from home so that she could heal from a lifetime of traumas.

During the first half of her career, Esther built her clientele on a part-time basis. By April 2017, Esther had a financial parachute of solvency to jump away from the toxicity of "9-5 America". She adventured into the daunting sky of true sustenance from a Higher Power. At that time, she resigned from her day job as a healthcare practitioner and courageously leaped into the unknown.

Two and a half years later, in October 2019, the Universe assisted her through an unexpected inheritance that saved her from the brink of financial disaster.

Esther has realized her value, worth, and fortitude in taking that courageous leap, depending on a Power greater than herself for all her needs.

If you are a client struggling with self-doubt, low self-esteem, and manifestation fatigue, Esther is the advisor for you! Are you looking to inspire and transform your life post-COVID? Check with Esther for self-care tips and chakra/energy balancing! Abandon the ruts of the past and choose to live your BEST life from now on!

Esther is a cut above the average psychic. She doesn't just PREACH the change; she LIVES it! Find the courage to LIVE the change for yourself TODAY!
Approach to Topics
Esther is a qualified, tested, experienced psychic who cares about you and your issues. She has been through the hard knocks of life and would like to help YOU with her clairvoyant and intuitive abilities! Esther is also a proficient Tarot reader and astrologer. Esther looks at your unique situation and connects to you empathically. Then, she will communicate messages from Spirit that come through to help guide your life path decisions.

What's in store for Esther's skillset in 2022?

Pictured to the left / above is her stepfather Ken, who passed away in February 2020. Ken has served as Esther's chief spiritual guide for the past two years. An Aquarian with a computer programming background, as well as a fond love for electronics, Ken has been assigned to Esther's electronic Galaxy Tarot deck.

But that's not all! In fall 2021, Esther took a course on rune reading, an ancient Scandinavian - German alphabet cast onto semiprecious stones for divination. She is now proficient with the runes and can combine them with Tarot to reveal a deeper, truer synopsis of your questions. Inspired by her stepfather Ken's Danish ancestry, Esther decided to study this ancient tradition's roots.

The runes are a Scandinavian divination tool that was fully developed by Johannes Bureus, a Swedish mystic, in the 17th century. Reading with runes combines the pantheon of the Scandinavians with the wisdom of ancient Hebrew interpretations contained in the Kabbalah.

Esther has adopted her style to combine the ancient Germanic alphabet of the Runes with her nine years of reading Tarot, combining one rune for each card. If requested, Esther will shake the runes and pull one for each card in your reading. When combined this way, additional details, insight, and clarity come across in the double interpretation!

Esther has added Galaxy Runes to her electronic reading repertoire and can also use the runes to read your chakras! Chakras are seven energy bodies that serve as divine "plug-ins"; they interact with the physical body to provide us strength in the most difficult times. She has also combined these two divination tools to give in-depth compatibility reports on you and your person of interest (POI). Confused about which partner to choose? Ask Esther to use Tarot and runes together to help clarify your love life!

Esther is also very knowledgeable, intelligent, and insightful. She is a natural problem solver who can help find the solution to your dilemmas. No topic is off-limits or too difficult for Esther to supply insight. Do not despair, Esther can help you!
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