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Esther Neptune
Esther Neptune
A psychic who's been in YOUR shoes! Call Esther!
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Find spiritual protection while the world unsettles. Esther has gone through her own NDE/recovery journey multiple times, as well as a myriad of stressful life experiences! She currently lives in the calm amidst the storm.
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UPDATED - May 2020
WELCOME TO THE NEW DECADE! And, a sincere welcome to Esther's page!
2020 marks the 7-year anniversary for Esther's psychic career. She has been an advisor on KEEN for six of those seven years. Through KEEN, she's given over sixteen thousand paid readings (See add'l profiles in Love and Relationships and Tarot Readers categories for full tally & feedback). In addition, she has given hundreds more gift reads through offering generous free minutes to her loyal clients. She is nearing 20,000 readings in her seven years of service!

Esther made the bold move to go full-time on KEEN.com three years ago. She had started this career on a part-time basis while still working her dayjob in healthcare. Esther's passion for compassion, shaped by her path full of hard knocks, gives you insight on how to deal proactively with issues in your life!

Esther has walked down many difficult pathways so SHE can understand YOU better! She's had not just one, but SEVERAL escapes from near-death experiences. Her most recent escape was in 2016, when she was severely ill. Esther was placed on a transplant list that year, but miraculously didn't need the transplant!

As a result of her NDE's, Esther's psychic abilities have increased tremendously throughout her career. She started out relying more heavily on tools for insight, but has trusted her gut more as of late. Spirit's whispers in Esther's ear give her the most incredible information and details!

Esther's specific recipe for achieving happiness and security comes from combining the well-known Law of Attraction (LoA) with the principles of Peoples Anonymous (PA), a 12-step program designed for every individual on the planet. From her own experience, Esther feels that the principles of PA help to complement the Law of Attraction by keeping expectations realistic and enabling followers to live life on its own terms. Using the LoA and PA together, one can climb up the steep ladders of life, ever so hopeful to reach the top!

Esther has over a twenty-year background in healthcare prior to her psychic career, with over half of that experience devoted to mental health and psychiatry. She taught a psychiatric patient education group for over ten years.

What unique gifts does Esther offer to you in 2020? She lost her mother in October 2019. Although the relationship with her mother was tenuous at best, Esther went through her healing journey and a six-year estrangement in order to heal her side of the street. She was able to participate in her mother's care at the time of death. Her previous resentments that stood in the way of healing vanished, through the daily effort of self-love that Esther embarked on since January 2016.

Esther lost her stepfather Ken in February 2020. While grieving the loss of her mother, Esther bonded with Ken in such a way that they never realized prior to her mom's passing. It gave her further insights into healing the relationship with her dad a few months later.

Read more about Esther's journey healing the estrangement with her father in this Advisor Content article, written December 2018: https://www.keen.com/articles/astrology/full-moon-in-cancer-family-matters

Although not listed in Esther's "Skills and Methods", Esther has done mediumship readings. She has also witnessed afterdeath paranormal experiences, specific to her mother's passing in 2019. Be sure to give Esther a call if you are experiencing similar phenomena. Esther will help you through!

Let Esther help YOU today to clear the blockages in your life that are holding you back!
Approach to Topics
Esther is a qualified, tested, experienced psychic who cares about you and your issues. She has been through the hard knocks of life and would like to help YOU with her clairvoyant and intuitive abilities! Esther is also a proficient Tarot reader and astrologer. Esther looks at your unique situation and connects to you empathically. Then, she will communicate messages from Spirit that come through to help guide your life path decisions.

Esther will never judge your situation. You can always feel safe talking to her. She has helped thousands find clarity in her seven year psychic career. Prior to becoming a psychic, Esther was a health care professional who had a special interest in mental health.

In 2020, Esther is embarking on her "Become Unstoppable" tour (see picture to the left with her father, mentioned in the Advisor Content article) https://www.keen.com/articles/astrology/full-moon-in-cancer-family-matters

Stay tuned to see seasonal updates of Esther's transformation! Esther has been working on a personal wellness journey that began in January 2016.

Esther is also very knowledgeable, intelligent, and insightful. She is a natural problem solver who can help find the solution to your dilemmas. Do not despair, Esther can help you!
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