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Eye of Mark

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113 readings since 2002
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Elite Master Psychic - You Command your Destiny!
I will help you move through issues pressing you now. I will be your Guide and your Friend. You have more empowerment than you realize! We will find your power and remove the things that block your happiness in Love. Call Me!
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About Me
About Me
I've a life long fascination with the power of mind. I've studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Jane Roberts. Through all my life and all my Loves I have maintained this connection and it has shown me many miraculous things. I will be your best
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I consider myself as a metaphysical midwife more than a psychic. I can sense those people who have hurt you and those in whom you have invested your heart. Love is beatific, but love is also convoluted. May I be your remote emotional support. May we
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