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Kora Maboon
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Need Someone with a Warm and Open Heart on YOUR SIDE? Let my Friendship help you regain Control over your Emotions and your Life. Together we WILL work things out so you CAN move Forward.
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I consider myself an Energy Alchemist because I like to mix things and I believe we were all given the Divine Gift of Healing, I have just been exercising mine longer than most. I have always had a higher understanding of the things around me, and I've always done my best to help others find their own path. I believe have a Strong Divine Connection because I choose to follow my heart. I know My Honesty and Integrity is what gives my readings their power. I stay well grounded and realistic, and my care and concern for others is genuine, confidential, and always nonjudgmental.
I believe it is my turn to use my Divine Connection to help those in need achieve a Life full of Happiness, Love, Joy and most of all MAGICK.
My Practice is all about Sharing the Power of Positivity, Growing Spiritually and being Mindfully Aware of My Impact on others and the World around me. I love to teach what I Know because this world Needs All the Helpers and Healers it can get, especially right now.
Fun Fact to Remember: God put a star in the heavens to lead Wise People and the word WITCH literally means Wise One. The Three Wise Men were Magi and etymologically speaking that means MAGICK.
God created people in His image...I MAGE, imagine that ;-)
Magick is REAL and it is just as Natural as Breathing, thankfully my long family history and cultural connections Never let me forget that Truth and I'm here now to share it with You.
Approach to Topics
I use a WelI Grounded yet Point Blank, Honesty is the Best Policy approach. I Am Here to Help You Create a Better Life, by using the Positive Energies from the Universe and from within to guide you on your path and assist in clearing away the clutter that is keeping you from finding the Joy and True Happiness that you know you deserve.
My Cards and I are Able to Discern what Issues Should be Addressed, How they should be handled and What can be Done in Order for you to Achieve your goals. Let me Help You Connect with what You Need.
I Read Energy, even if it's animal energy, even if it's the energy of someone who is no longer on this plane of reality. Weather it be in my cards or from my Heart, My Magick is REAL and I AM Ready to Prove it to YOU.
Everything is Energy, that's all there is to it and by matching the Frequency of the reality you want you most certainly will get that reality, this are Physics FACTS!
I Know How to Help You Learn What Your Energy's Personal Vibrational Frequency is and how to Fine Tune it so Your Life Will Run Smoothly and Efferently, just like Magick. Are You Ready to Take the Next Step Towards Your Higher Self? Will You Allow Yourself the Freedom to Manifest Your Desires? Do You Believe in Magick?
If So, your energy has guided you to the right source and I am ready to help. Nobody needs to be left in the dark, allow me to let my light and insight brighten your day and guide you through your darkest moments.
Amen, Namaste and Blessed be. May Peace Always be with you. Love Kora
P.S. My Rate is $2.22 because Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities. Angel Number 222 encourages you to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths.
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