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Feeling lost and restless? Not sure which direction is best for you to take? Use this listing for a general advice reading from the tarot cards. Or if you just need someone to listen in order to sort things out.
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
Over two decades of working with the tarot and a lifetime of intuition are at your service. Since learning to use the tarot to help channel my intuition, I have been able to apply my gifts to help friends, family and clients get through rough patches and avoid pitfalls (as well as find love!) An empathic listener, I am often the person people turn to when they need someone to listen and really hear them. Sometimes, that is all someone needs and often clients find they have the answers inside them all along! All it takes is talking it out. My empathic nature can help you bring your own intuition to work on a situation.
Approach to Topics
I've been reading tarot since childhood and use the cards to enhance my intuition and bring forth details as well as to answer specific questions. I sometimes get clear visions of what is to come. Dreams can be interpreted many ways and often carry layered meanings. I can also apply tarot to dream work Sometimes our subconscious is smarter than we are! Let me help you listen to it!
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