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Finding what is true inside ourselves, opens the pathway to making the right decision, attracting the best opportunities for a life full of love & connection. Special start-up offer.
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Hello my name is James.

Over the past 12 years I have been completely engaged in the healing arts and self discovery. I have devoted myself to finding inner truth & the nature of the self. Opening our awareness to see the deeper realities of our life.

A major shift in my life took place when I was 19 years old, where I had a reawakening to our true nature.

I have spent every moment of my life rediscovering that truth and finding ways to share it with others. Both in healing modalities developing the self, & understanding our true self, going beyond the personality. We need both to create a balanced life.

I saw that love was at the core of all and that we were to realise this inside our self, our journey are unique.

I learnt healing modalities along the way and then had to forget them, to become more in the moment and allow everything that wants to come through. (Channeling the deeper awareness for true self & personal growth.)

Over the past 12 years Study, Training & Practices, teachings and experiences, here are some of the major influences that help to shape what I offer today.

Trained in:
Kinesiology Practitioner
Liquid Crystals & Star-Child Practitioner
Reiki Teacher
Kundalini Siddha Healing Practitioner
Agnihotra (powerful fire ceremony) Teacher

Some Influences
Tai Chi, Healing Movement, Sacred Geometry, Mandalas,
Vipassana, X7 (10 day meditation retreats)
Following the Tao, Satsang teaching in India on emptiness and truth.

Spirit trained:
Light & Sound Alchemy, Earth Soul Energetic's, Channelling, Plant communication, Medium, Psychic, Tarot. Crystal
All of this set up a strong base, where I am guided in the moment.

I now allow an alchemy of the above practises / connections, governed by present awareness, channelling whatever is needed at any given time.
Approach to Topics
In this listing we will focus on creating the right relationship within and without, by acknowledging what is truly going on inside of us.

I can give you answers if this is the right relationship for your highest good, or how you can move towards this in the current relationship.

If it's your growth, theirs or both of yours. We can discover the actions needed to best support this. (everyone has free choice there are many timelines that we can move towards.)

Find the balance of self love so you are choosing the right people to be in your life, and understanding how to love others unconditionally so they may make the steps they need at this time.

How I approach all sessions below.

Channelling the soul's knowledge to find the most appropriate way back to wholeness.

We look at anything and everything.

The sessions are uniquely interactive with the Soul's consciousness, connecting to the higher self for healing on all levels, present and past lives.

The base of every session – my approach.

I now work as an energetic, sound and information channel. (receiving the awareness to bring you back to your centre, into your goals, addressing your issues and concerns, finding the core, the layer that is best to look at now!)

I integrate all of my previous practices together to create a flow between the healing arts that I have trained in.
Mixing Kinesiology, deep insights, meditation & awareness, with channelled – information, energy, light & sound alchemy, tarot, plant wisdom, etc. We finding the best tool for the job.

Ask your question and we will make the steps towards wholeness.

You may ask questions on anything at all.
We may release energy or look at emotions.
Receive energetic and sound transmissions.

We strip away the layers of the identity to find the inner core. What we truly want!

When we have no fear, no limiting beliefs of how things should be, & release the habits that no longer serves us.

We get glimpses into our true creation, when we can see what is holding us back.

Bye letting go of it, we find the answers we need to move forwards with confidence and clarity.

Ps. I may also channel sounds with my voice, (light language. )
These sounds help to balance the energy field.
They are also energy codes of information, which brings deeper understanding, integration & life changes.
Giving access to higher/deeper consciousness.
I will translate these sounds to English if required.

Discover your inner being. :)
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