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Angel Readings
I have been an intuitive advisor since 2015 and have been experiencing psychic dreams since age 4..I am clairvoyant as well as intuitive and allow my guides to assist me just as my Louisiana French ancestors have in the past..
Approach to Topics
My readings are not for predictions as I leave the future to you. I only use my intuitive gift and other tools as a guide to help provide clarity and insight into your current and your possible future situation. I believe the past creates the present, but the future can be altered. So in essence, the outcome of a reading depends on the direction you choose to take in your journey. The outcome of a reading can also change based on the choices and actions you take in the process of affecting a positive change in your situation. In essence, the future is never pre determined unless it is astrologically written, otherwise the future can be altered in the now. Basically, the future is alterable, before the future takes place. The shaping of the future is based upon choices and action which is the law of cause and effect. As for my card readings, there is no one formula that I use in a reading. Many formulas can be used as it pertains to your individual situation. For instance, in my readings , a formula that works for one individual may not be the best for another. So ultimately, that’s the point of diversity in my readings.
Therefore, a card reading should only serve as a tool to help you to navigate your situation and to help bring understanding to the possibilities that surround the reading. In my readings I offer Tarot, Angel cards and Oracle card readings. I also offer Cartomancy readings, Lenormand readings as well as Rune, I-Ching and pendulum readings. This is all depending upon the kind of reading I feel might be helpful if the client doesn’t wish to choose. In conclusion to my services as a card reader and spiritual advisor, please understand that the cards do not hold the key to your future. However, they can provide a window of possibilities and options for you to utilize in your journey to self fulfillment.. Also please note, after having a reading with me, It is best not to call to do a new reading immediately after your initial reading. Calling for a reading of the same subject days and weeks after having your initial reading may cause your readings to become repetitious…I recommend calling the month after your initial reading as progress takes time and so does growth. Change that you may be expecting in your situation may not occur as you expect because there are always unseen elements in every situation concerning the future that we cannot control.However, the goal of having a card reading is to understand the changes and progress in your situation and change happens gradually.. For instance, some changes may take years to occur in your situation as not all progress will come in a weeks to a 1 yr time period.In astrology, planetary factors can also affect what energies are flowing through your week month and year.In astrology there are planetary factors, such as those energies that alter also when certain events may be most likely to forecast in your future…In this case, I would recommend an astrology reading for those kinds of questions…However, in my card readings questions are not required as I prefer to use my tools to look into your situation…. Furthermore, as with questions also come expectations …Expectations are what we expect, however what we expect may not be what’s on the card reading…But you can always alter the outcome of a card reading as I noted earlier…If you are experiencing issues beyond what I’ve described in my readings, such as issues that may require medical or psychological or legal advice, that is not my profession, as I am not a doctor of any kind nor am I a health or of legal counsel…My readings are for entertainment purposes only …I cannot advise you in those kinds of situations….Ultimately, as a card reader, I cannot make choices for you, but I can read the cards to provide clarity into your situation using the cards as a tool for your spiritual growth…And I appreciate your choosing me to work with you to help bring clarity into your situation.
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