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Moonlite Marie
Moonlite Marie
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Do you ever wonder what someone else is feeling? If you did well in a job interview? I can tap into the energy of a person or situation and help you to understand what's really going on. Call with your questions today!
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I come by my gifts naturally, as my Mother and Grandmother were also readers. I've also learned more along the way from various methods like numerology, tarot and astrology. I've been helping people all of my life and have been reading professionally for 13+ years. I'm available every day, and enjoy communicating with you by phone or chat. Call me today!
Approach to Topics
I can help you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision and see what your options are. All I need is a first name and I'm able to answer your questions, which will give you peace of mind and empower you to make the best choice you can. I'm here to help and to make your pathway more clear.

I've been blessed with these gifts all of my life & continually work to expand them. I am here to lift you up, to assist in showing you the way of the light. My path leads me to help others to reach a higher spiritual path, while here on this earthly plane. As a relationship specialist, I can help you to understand what your partner (or potential partner) is feeling about you, even if they have trouble putting it into words! Please have your questions ready when you call, I prefer not to do general readings. The more specific your questions, the more clear your answers will be! When you are open & calm, I can more quickly connect with you & your situation. Thank you!
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