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Morgan Hayes
Morgan Hayes
Caring Spiritual Counseling, Readings and Advice.
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I offer Compassionate Spiritual Advice without judgement or prejudice. I can help guide you through relationships, spiritual turmoil, grief, and the stresses of everyday life. Let me lift you up and help you find inner peace.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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As a child, I had natural Psychic Medium abilities and I was a strong Empath. I had many psychic experiences growing up. As I got older they naturally started to fade but when I turned Thirty years old, my psychic abilities returned stronger than ever! I had an amazing spiritual experience called a Kundalini Rising. I will be writing more about what this means and my experiences, but this brought on my resurgence of Psychic abilities. They are still evolving and have become more accurate as time has progressed. I now use my psychic gifts and my own spiritual experiences to help and guide others
Approach to Topics
Lets be honest. Its hard to speak to friends, family or sometimes even our own spouses about our spiritual beliefs or religion without the fear of being judged or ridiculed. Often their spiritual/religious beliefs are different than yours. You might be further on your spiritual journey than they are. Which can feel very lonely and isolating. Even when you are surrounded by the people who love and care about you. Which can be challenging on all levels. I offer compassionate and caring Spiritual Counseling and Guidance no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Sharing Spiritual Experiences - Questioning One's Faith - Dark Night of the Soul - Dream Exploration and Meanings - Spiritual Emergencies
Deepening your Spiritual/Religious Path - Coping with living or working at a Haunted Location - Coping with new Psychic Abilities.

I also work with individuals who are experiencing Kundalini. My Kundalini rose in 2004 and I am well versed in the highs and lows of having an Awakening. I am happy to give support and advice along share my own personal Kundalini experiences,

Call me. Let's talk!
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