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Morgana LaFay
Morgana LaFay
Evil or Good? - Ask a Paranormal Investigator!
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Not sure if a recent encounter is Good or Evil? Let me help you decode who they are, how they are communicating, how they are showing themselves to you and whether or not they are here to help or harm. 30+ yrs of service!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
For years I have been successful with lifting the veil and seeing the true form of the things on the other side for myself, for loved ones, and for clients both near and far.

Be that Angels, Demons, Spirits Guides, or Passed on Loved ones in the forms of physical manifestations, smells, noises, orbs, shapes, or shadows or blotches, I am able to decode what has come to visit you, their origins, their messages, and why they have chosen you.

Above all else I can tell you how to connect with them, remove the connection to them, and even get them out of your home or place of business should they be there for negative reasons.
Approach to Topics
Just some of the topics I can assist with... ( and more! )

- Wondering if you have a ghost in your home?
- Battling a haunting that keeps taking place?
- Unsure if you have a poltergeist?
- Does your home or place of business needs to be cleared of "negative energy" or "malevolent energy"?
- Do you think the spirit of someone departed has been visiting you?
- Curious if there are guardian spirits around you?
- Have you had a ghostly encounter or seen an apparition and want professional answers about this paranormal event?

**Special Considerations...**

I do not sell performed spell work or offer paid for cleansings, but rather I give you the insight and tools on how to cleanse your home, business, or space on your own, using your own natural gifts and energy. This is absolutely key to the success of your intention - you being involved, not paying someone to just do it for you.

This meaning I give you the information you need to battle what is specifically taking place, what you are trying to attract, or even whom you are trying to connect with more frequently - or remove completely out of your life.

All of the information I pass along is solely for you, the energy you are connecting to, the energy that is trying to connect with you, as well as the outcome you are trying to seek - meaning my work is custom, and not cookie-cutter or standard.

It’s important to note that those that are on the other side may not have the energy and ability to express their messages, concerns, warnings, to you in a clear fashion, as it takes so much energy and most are not aware of their presence til it’s much later on, because of that sad reality I serve to be a connector between the both of you in real time - ensuring you have all the information they have to give.
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